Home National Muslim Groups Agitation ,against Israel PM Benjamin Nitinyahu’s Mumbai visit

Muslim Groups Agitation ,against Israel PM Benjamin Nitinyahu’s Mumbai visit

Muslim Groups Agitation ,against Israel PM Benjamin Nitinyahu’s Mumbai visit

Muslim Groups and religious Organisation protest March against Israeli PM Nitinyahu’s Mumbai visit .Around 323 Ulema from different organisation like Raza Academy. Jamatul Ahle Sunnat, Jamia Ashrsfiya Qadriy and other Ngos also participated in this Agitation. The protest began from Madanpura Densely populated muslim area in South Mumbai and ended at Taaj Hotel Colaba.
” The Israeli PM Benjamin Nitinyahu is the master mind of massacres in Palestine we are stand with the people of palstine until they are freed from the Israel occupation, A part from America , nobody stands with Netanyahu neither should india ,” Said Moin Miya Religious leader and representative of Jaamia Ashrafia Qadri.
Another Religious organisation Raza Academy general secretary, Saeed Noori also alleged on Modi Government ” Israel has been violating international law by inflicting atrocities on palestinian and establishing illegal settlements in West Bank , Israel is not reputed and respectable country in the world recently 28 countries voted against Israel on the issue of Jerusalem capital, it proved Israel was wrong, ” added Saeed Noori General Secretary of Raza Academy.
Another Social Activist M.A Khalid also played very active role in the protest , it’s a necessary express solidarity with the people of palstine and the protest against Israel was anger and anguish against the Israel.India has always been against the illegal occupation of palstine by Israel.

On Thursday Benjamin Netanyahu was in Mumbai he visited Nariman House Jewish centre which was targeted in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. 11 year old Moshe Holtzberg who lost his parents in the attack was also accompanied with Benjamin Netanyahu. Nitantahu als visited Chabad house  .


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