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Nail Free Tree Campaign by Ngo ‘Angholichi Goli ‘ Gets Overwhelming response

Nail Free Tree Campaign by  Ngo  ‘Angholichi Goli ‘ Gets Overwhelming response

Angholichi Goli, a nonprofit organisation has been appealing people to intentionally skip a bath once a week, for the last four years. It does that to stand in solidarity with drought-stricken farmers. It wants to imbibe “sacrifice, fraternity, compassion and saving.” It is presided by Madhav Patil, an Electrical Consultant by profession.

“Goli” started the campaign “Nail Free Tree” a couple of months ago with the aim of making all the trees in India nail free. People had misused trees for petty greed in the form of advertisements, promoting their businesses, furthering superstitions, etc. It is wrong to harm trees in this way because:

· Eminent Indian scientist Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bose had proved that trees feel in their own way.

· It is illegal to nail trees under several laws.

· It is public space. The trees belong to everyone. They cannot be abused in such ways. Hence, the campaign is indeed one that tries to reclaim public space.

Goli has cleaned the trees on various roads of Mumbai,Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad.
Various organisations join Goli on a specific day of the week for a couple of hours to make trees nail free. Climate change and global warming has created havoc throughout the world. Whereas the UN tries to nudge governments towards a sustainable future, what can a common man do? Madhav opines, “Nail free tree and Angholichi Goli (Bath Pill) both are ‘common man’s climate action.’ Trees are the most fundamental solution to climate change. This campaign tries to conserve and nurture the trees and fight Climate Change.”

Following Pune and Mumbai, the campaign has spread to Pimpri-Chinchwad,Bhandara,Thane and Kalyan. Senior citizens and youngsters have taken special interest in the activity.
In Mumbai ,Angholichi goli’s has covered Dadar, Matunga and suburbs like Goregav ,Virar and Vasai .
We named this campaign as NailFreeTree and PainFreeTree and we spread a word of this campaign by using hashtag #NailFreeTree and #PainFreeTree .
Further we don’t just want
Nail free trees but all trees with minimum space of 1 meter diameter circle for natural soil and water perculation.
We are also removing ‘TreeGaurd ’ of big trees which is not required and we will use such tree gaurds to the new plantation drive.

Why do trees feel pain?

Physicist and biologist

Jagadish Chandra Bose

proved in his books ‘Response in the Living and Non-Living’ (1902) and ‘The Nervous Mechanism of Plants’ (1926) that plants have a sensitive nervous system, not dissimilar to that of animals, and their responses to external stimuli could be measured and recorded. His work showed that trees could feel pleasure as well as pain.

Trees are exposed to the chemical reaction

“When you insert a nail into a tree, the tissue uniformity discontinues or breaks down. The presence of around 10 holes could cause enough structural and health problems to kill a tree. Puncture wounds offer easy access to insects and diseases as well. Vascular plants lack immune system and when a tree is nailed, a chemical reaction takes place hindering the food chain process. The tree eventually dies.” — Apoorva Deodhar, botanist.

There is a good case of Indian Institute of Science for Mumbai.
“During 1970’s mumbai was having green cover 35% that has been reduce to less 13%, there should be 33% green cover for adequate oxygen according to population. To say in simple ratio 4 people are taking oxygen behind 1 tree where ratio should be 4 trees behind one person.”

Thus Angholichi goli is striving towards better future for future generations with minimum tree cover of 33% for not only for Maharashtra but for Entire India.
Come and join us for greener life on the earth. This all information is share by Tushar Warang member of Angolichi Goli.


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