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NCB clarifies Cruiser drug rave party raid; releases statement following Nawab Malik’s allegation

NCB clarifies Cruiser drug rave party raid; releases statement following Nawab Malik’s allegation
Maharashtra Minority Minister ,Nawab Malik addressing the press Conference.
Sameer Wankhede NCB Zonal Head western region.

Hello Mumbai City Desk :

Narcotics Control Bureau follows a professional and unbiased approach in its ongoing mission of tackling the drug menace in the country. NCB takes actions either on the basis of inputs received from public sources or based on developed intelligence inputs incorporating various surveillance means.

2. On the specific information, the team of NCB Mumbai raided at International Cruise Terminal, Green Gate Mumbai & Cordillia Cruise ship on 02.10.2021 and intercepted 08 persons on the spot along with various drugs like Cocaine, Mephedrone, Charas, Hydroponic Weed, MDMA and cash Rs. 1,33,000/- along with few suspects.

3. As per due procedure established by the law of land – independent public witnesses are mandatorily required to be present during any seizure operations. NCB strongly adheres to it and involves at least 02 independent witnesses in all its seizure operation. As the operations are conducted on real time basis, so field verification of independent witnesses is not possible as the main focus is on drug recovery.

4. A total of 09 independent witnesses were involved in the whole operation and Manish Bhanushali and K.P Gosavi were among them. None of the Independent witnesses, including the 2 names above, were known to NCB before 02/10/2021.

5. As high-profile persons were detained in the said case and to avoid any unwanted leakages of information all detained persons were rushed into safety of NCB office to avoid large crowds and numerous cameras gathered near the NCB office premises.

6. None of the detained/arrested was ill-treated in any way while following all due procedures of law. Even the defense has acknowledged this in court & reposed trust in NCB officers.

7. A total of 14 persons were brought to NCB Zonal Office for examination. All of them were served notice u/s 67, examined thoroughly and their statements were recorded. Thereafter 8 persons were arrested and remaining 6 persons were let off since no incriminating evidence was found against them. However, in the course of investigation they can be associated if need arises as per law.

8. Panchnamas were made on the respective spots. Hence the place, timing, situation and resources may differ. However, these documents are matter of court record and have been produced in the Hon’ble court and will be part of charge sheet in future. Hence all such documents are part of a transparent legal procedure open to scrutiny at appropriate fora.

9. The police custody of the 8 accused persons arrested from cruise was granted by Hon’ble court initially for 1 day, further extended for 4 days and now they have been granted judicial custody for 14 days and sent to Arthur Road jail. All other 10 accused persons arrested later were also granted police custody by the Hon’ble Court -after duly considering the contentions/material presented by the NCB -for different durations and are being interrogated presently by NCB.

10. On the basis of interrogation and disclosures by accused persons during custodial interrogation, 6 follow-up seizures have been affected at various places in Mumbai, following due procedure as per rules. In these follow up operations 10 persons including one foreigner have been apprehended/ arrested making total to 18 persons. Various drugs like Ecstasy, Mephedrone, Hydroponic Weed @ Multi strain Cannabis & Charas etc have been recovered including few commercial quantities of drugs which is a serious concern. Continuous drug recoveries in the follow up operations indicate towards the large network in this drug menace spoiling the younger generation. Investigation of the case is in progress to unearth the entire chain and network.

11. All the allegations levelled against NCB are baseless, motivated afterthoughts & prejudiced in nature. Such statements are based on conjecture and assumptions. These assumptions are frivolous and malicious in view of documents and records of procedures duly followed by NCB that can subject to legal verification.

12. NCB reiterates that its procedure has been and will continue to be professionally and legally transparent and unbiased as all the suspect/accused persons have been treated at par and in accordance with law.

News Input by :

Gyaneshwar Singh, IPS
Deputy Director General
Narcotics Control Bureau


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