Home Central NCB issues Look out Circular against absconding Drug Mafia Arif Bhujwala

NCB issues Look out Circular against absconding Drug Mafia Arif Bhujwala

NCB issues Look out Circular against absconding Drug Mafia Arif Bhujwala
picture od Arrested Drug Mafia Chinku Pathan.
Merphenide MD drug siezed by NCB during raid from Noor Manzil ,Dongri.

Following the raid conducted at Arif Bhujwala ‘s Dongri’s Noor Manzil residence ,the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) are now in desperate hunt for the dreaded Drug Peddler Arif Bhujwala who successfully made good his escape while the NCB were at his residence. They busted a Drug laboratory and seized huge quantity of Merephone and revolver.

Reportedly they had also arrested his brother-in- law Salman Khan who assisted Arif escape in running the Drug laboratory. Earlier on Wednesday the Narcotics Control Bureau had grilled Arif Bhujwala’s wife in this connection.

As per news available from source NCB are also into the investigation of Arif Bhujwala’s connect with the Underworld.

Following the arrest of notorious Drug Mafia Chinku Pathan, now the Narcotics Control Bureau are on the hunt for Arif Bhujwala, a close aide of Chinku Pathan .

Reportedly, on Wednesday night, NCB carried out a major raid at the possible hideouts of Arif Bhujwala in Dongri and seized huge MD .The raid continued entire night but Arif Bhujwala had already fled from the spot.

In view of this, now the NCB has roped in a special team to arrest him.As per NCB Sources, Arif Bhujwala a notorious drug mafia was mindlessly operating this drug syndicate with the help of Chinku Pathan.

Notably, Arif Bhujwala has strong network in South Mumbai and he is a prime supplier of MD.

Now with the arrest of Arif Bhujwala, a big drug syndicate racket is likely to be exposed and come to the forefront very soon .

Who is Arif Bhujwala ?
He is a dreaded Drug Mafia and runs a drug syndicate from South Mumbai and supplies drug and MD to a local drug dealer.

In 2020 Pydhoni police had raided his Dongri hideout and seized MD.. Though the Police also lodged an FIR, ironically, they couldnt arrest him.

According to sources, he enjoys good connect with the Mumbai Police. A reliable sources brings to light of the recent arrest of Asif Sardar and Ayaz Mandviwala that Arif Bhujwala is hand in glove with the scamsters.

He given a tipp off them. Arif Bhujwala is very sharp and clever to eliminate his rivals. NCB is sparing no pains to locate Arif and arrest him.

Meanwhile in a major crackdown on drug trafficking, Narcotics Control Bureau has arrested the Late don Karim Lala’s kin, Parvez, alias Chinku Pathan and recovered Rs 4cr, and a pistol from the latter’s premises.

The NCB is now on their toes to locate his partner, Arif Bhujwala. Officials claim that they have found 100gm mephedrone, a synthetic stimulant drug, during the raid.
The officials further revealed that they are continuing with their raids and are arranging for a device to count the cash seized from the premises of Bhujwala in Dongri. “The pistol will be sent for ballistic examination. They are not aware if it is a licensed pistol.

According to the reliable Sources one Community leader from South Mumbai aslo on raddar of NCB he can be summoned  very Soon in this Drug Syndicate racket.This community leader is very close to Arif Bhujwala and he is very active in social field .

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