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    NCP IS IN MY BREATH: Chitra Wagh with her party workers at ncp head quarter .Nariman Point

    BY Aleem Shaikh Editor-hellomumbainews.com

    NCP Maharashtra Women’s President & Senior NCP Leader Chitra Wagh embroiled in a new controversy after her meeting with BJP Leader Prasad Lad a former NCP rebel. Their meeting at the latter’s residence took a different turn made the flutters among party men that Chitra Wag is likely to join BJP. The big controversy seems to have landed her in more trouble within her party, when hellomumbainews,com caught up with her to find out the truth behind her meeting.

    Speaking to Chitra Wag the woman who is in the eye of the storm at the moment, when we began asking her about her infamous meeting with Prasad Lad; she denied the controversy out rightly. Clarifying it further she said “ why I will join BJP, NCP had given me a name, fame, and position. NCP is in my breath it will continue till my breath “she stated. Further, she said, “I can never think of leaving NCP in my lifetime, these controversies are created by some jealous people within my party who don’t want to see my bright political career surging ahead hence they indulge in this kind of dirty political acts; I’m really not bothered anyway”.

    Giving a clear clarification on the account of her controversial meeting with former NCP Rebel Prasad Laad now a BJP leader, she said “he is my Rakhi brother and I went to meet his wife to wish her belated birthday since I was busy with my election tour and couldn’t meet her earlier. This does not mean anything more than a personal visit, it’s out of a question that Prasad Laad will offer me to join BJP. In politics, everyone enjoys personal relations across party lines that don’t mean anything beyond that. This controversy is uncalled for, this conspiracy by some bunch of evil doers against me will not affect my career even the slightest bit” she clarified putting rest to the speculation of her joining BJP once and for all. “Controversies are part and parcel of political life and one has to accept it and deal with it maturely” she concluded.

    Chitra Wag had put behind this controversy and is busy preparing for her forthcoming whirlwind election tour of Maharashtra for the second phase of the Municipal Polls. She is expected to embark on her 10-day party campaign at Pune, Latur, Aurangabad and Gadchiroli. She is confident in the second phase NCP will make a clean sweep of the Municipal polls with an increased percentage of vote shares.




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