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NCP Leader Dr. Suraina Malhotra Organised Candle March At Khar, Demands Justice For Asifa


The recently two incidences of our country regarding Unnao and Kathau are shameful which rocked the entire nation. Rape and Murder of two girls in a democratic country is very shameful. All political parties and NGOs across India condemned these incidents by doing protest marches and rallies against these incidents. Dr. Suraina Malhotra a dynamic politician and  big face of Nationalist congress party strongly condemned these two shameful gut rencing acts and demanded justice for Asifa. She organised a candle March, Justice for Asifa – Silent Protest –  which got a good response. Morcha which was Organised By North Central District Mahila President – Dr. Suraina Malhotra in Khar west near Khar Station & around the crowded market area and was attended by Taluka Presi.sau. Harshatai Mishra & team. In presence & guidance of Ma.Sau. Surekhatai Pednekar – Mumbai Mahia President – NCP. Also were present other post holders of Mum. Mahila, Youth, Student & Minority cell.


Speaking with ‘Hello Mumbai News’ Dr. Suraina Malhotra said that the Modi government has totally failed to  protect the rights of  women, now  women have become  insecure after these most unfortunate occurrences, they must get justice. Modi Government has totally failed on the issue of women safety. The feeling of insecurity is growing amongst women, teenagers & even in the parents of tiny tots. Not even the young boys are spared. Government should take utmost strong & swift just action against the culprit, to curtail such inhuman acts.




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