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NCP Will Sweep 2nd Phase of Municipal Polls -Chitra Wagh

NCP Will Sweep 2nd Phase of Municipal Polls -Chitra Wagh

The recently concluded Maharashtra Municipal polls are being viewed as ‘mini’ Assembly elections and a test of the popularity of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis who led the BJP campaign to make inroads in the rural areas where Congress and NCP hold sway. Demonetisation, farm distress, improvement in rural infrastructure and caste tensions due to morcha by various communities in the run up to the polls were the main issues apart from local matters. In total, including Sunday’sphase, elections are being held for 212 civic bodies, comprising municipal councils and Nagar panchayats, in four phases. The next rounds of voting are scheduled on December 14, December 18, and January 8.


Chitra Wagh needs no introduction, the popular face of the NCP Women’s wing. She is holding a key post in her party currently President of the State Women’s Wing of Nationalist Congress Party. NCP bigwigs like Sunil Tatkre, Jayant Patil , Praful Patel believes in her ability and leadership. Hellomumbainews.com Editor Mr.Aleem Shaikh met her at the NCP Party HQ and spoke to her on the recently held Maharashtra Muncipal Elections Results and her party’s performance.

Aleem Shaikh: Tell us about your first reactions on the Maharashtra Municipal Election results and your party had faired?
Chitra Wagh (Smiles!) We fought the polls very well indeed and our party’s senior leaders and workers had done their level best to reach out to the voters thus making NCP emerge today as the 2nd largest party in rural Maharashtra. Our Aghadi Panel won maximum seats in Western Maharashtra as well North Maharashtra. Our percentage of votes also had drastically increased.
Aleem Shaikh : NCP has strong holds in rural Maharashtra,  in the last election NCP was no 1 party in rural Maharashtra. With the BJPs impressive performance results, this year do you think your party is losing grip on the rural voters?
Chitra Wagh: No, not at all. Pawar Saheb is big leader of Maharashtra and there is no one like his stature. Primarily our party base is in the rural area. In this election, BJP had used all black money for winning this election .BJP had indeed grossly misused their power and government machinery to the maximum .They infact even distributed black money via helicopter to reach out to the maximum voters across the state. So they definitely won the polls but unfortunately people had realized it now .It is true that we are unable to convince the people this time, but we will surely improve our party’s position and in the 2nd phase (Pune Gramin and Latur)  the results will be in our favor.
Aleem Shaikh : What do you think about demonetisation by the BJP government.
Chitra Wagh : (Smiles yet again !) You media persons know better than me on this one .What kind of problems today people are facing is all evident everywhere. Outside the banks, people are suffering in long endless Ques with no functional ATS to provide them any relief. It is totally a mismanagement of the PM Modi’s Government. Frankly speaking today Mumbai city had lost the credibility tag of being the financial capital and which is now gone to Delhi. It’s  beyond doubt that demonetisation had adversely affected every one especially the common man.
Aleem Shaikh : Thnak you for your valuable time and sharing your views with hellomumbainews.com
Chitra Wagh : Thank you !!!


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