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NCP wishes alliance with congress for Bmc election :Supriya Sule


By Hello Mumbai team(Aleem Shaikh)

We, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) are ready for an alliance with our traditional partner, the Congress, not only for the BMC poll but also for the ensuing Goa elections,said Supriya Sule,NCP MP after inaugurating the poll campaign for the February BMC polls on behalf of the NCP, on Tuesday.Lashing out at the Shiv Sena, she said the saffron party leader Uddhav Thackeray does not know the difference between marketing and reality. The Shiv Sena has changed its ideology, said Sule. Earlier, the Sena would vehemently oppose the Valentine Day’s celebrations, but now the Sena have accepted the change and are showing no resistance even to Valentine Day’s celebrations, and hence the Sena is following us, said Sule.The Sena has been blamed for massive corruption and scams in the BMC, by none other than their alliance partner, the BJP, and the Sena still shares power with the BJP, both at the Centre and State, and are now talking about “transparency” post a call made by CM Devendra Fadnavis, caustically remarked Sule.On the BJP, Sule said the party is truly a ” party with a difference.’  The BJP is openly blaming the Sena for the corruption in the BMC and the BJP is still sharing power with the Sena, which speaks of double standards adopted by the BJP.The CM in his various speeches wanted a crime free Maharashtra, but he is admitting crime tainted people as members in the BJP and thus the party is truly a party with a difference, sarcastically said, Sule.Sule said CM Akhilesh Yadav has done exemplary welfare projects for the people of UP and deserved the “bicycle” symbol as decided by the Election Commission for the faction-ridden Samajwadi Party. I wish him luck for Akhilesh and Dimple (his wife) for the prestigious UP polls scheduled next month, said Sule. On the growing family feud between Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh on the SP party control, we do not have such dynastical fights in the NCP, said Sule. For us, Sharad Pawar remains our party chief forever and we all abide by his decisions and obey his command, which is missing in the SP, said Sule. For any regional party, elections are an important phase, but it would be wrong to make the same a prestigious issue and lower its importance.The NCP needs the power to rule the BMC, so as to develop and beautify Mumbai. We want to give better education to children and also to improve the prevalent health condition in the metropolis.
We want to make a scam-free Mumbai which is now riddled with road, tab, garbage and other scams committed by the ruling Sena-BJP combine. Mumbai has changed drastically.People are now fearing to send their daughters into the night, as their safety is at stake, and this is a shame for the rulers, said Sule.Mumbai is still facing a huge drinking water crisis and so is the garbage mess and thanks to the BJP-Sena, the BMC has become infamous for scams.
We do not need a Bullet train as envisaged by the Modi government but first solve and better the local suburban services on top priority, said Sule.Just prior to the BMC polls announcement, the government announced crores worth of developmental packages, but where is the money to fund such mega projects questioned Sule.  The government announced the extension of Metro services with an eye on the BMC polls. The NCP does not believe in lying to the people. The cleanliness of Mumbai is of prior importance, had we (the NCP) been in power, we would have constructed public toilets in each ward, said Sule.The BMC is ruled by the mafia as alleged by the Mumbai chief of the BJP then why did CM Devendra Fadnavis remain silent since the last 2 and a half years, and what action did the Home Minister take to control the mafia in the BMC, questioned Sule.
Making a veiled attack on the Sena and the MNS, in the garb of saving the Marathi language, some of their own leaders are sending their children to English medium schools and thus are making a mockery of the Marathi language, said, Sule..


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