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Ngo will move to Bombay High Court, Against Rohit Sardana


By Aleem Shaikh :
The Controversial tweet of TV Journalist Rohit Sardana that has triggered outrage across the country, the protest against Sardana still continued. several Muslim groups and NGOs have already filed a police complaint against the journalist and demanded his arrest in Mumbai as well another part of the country.
Mumbai base Ngo was known as ” Companions of Peace And Justice ” also filed the complaint against Sardana in Nagpada police station. And also submitted a letter to Mumbai Police Commissioner.
” Mr. Rohit Sardana is a respectable name in Indian media I never thought he would do such conservative comment. It his another attempt to get cheap publicity his words have hurt us deeply and we condemn it,” Said Faisal Banaraswala Legal adviser of Companions of Peace and justice.
Mr. Banarswala A well known social activist and famous petitioner on the social issue who believes in court and constitutional rights He warned the Mumbai police if they will not take legal action against the journalist he will move to Bombay high court and file writ petition against the Mumbai police as well as Sardana.
Mohamad Luqman Siddique president of the NGO ” Companions of Peace and justice clearly warned the Mumbai police in 72 hours if Mumbai police did not arrest Journalist Rohit Sardana his Ngo will go for hunger strike and will do protest across Maharashtra and Mumbai, they have all support from Muslim community as well all religious clerics. He also decided to raise this matter before the court.

A series of FIR has already been registered against Sardana under section 295 (A) deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage religious feelings of the IPC in various cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai.Now Muslim community demanding the arrest of the Journalist.


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