Nirmal Ka Mela begins from today at Nirmal Vasai, See first pictures here

Nirmal Ka Mela begins from today at Nirmal  Vasai, See first pictures here

News Input And Pictures by Riddhi Patil; Hello Mumbai correspondent:

The Nirmal Utsav or Nirmal Ka Mela kicked-off today, 30 November.

file pictures of nirmal utsav

It began with the Inauguration of Shri Kshetra Nirmal Yatra of Peshwa period that embodys mythological and historical significance on this auspicious Concluded on November Kartik  Ekadashi.

Notably, showing their Honour  Presence at the event were Dr.Bhakti Chaudhry, Chief Medical Officer of Vasai Virar City Corporation and Dr. Subodh Pandit and his wife.
Mahapuja and Abhishek Vedokt was performed by Dhananjay Vishwakarma.

At this suspicious occasion In Babya Mor from the tribal community was felicitated by the Trustees along with the priests who performed the daily pooja. The event also saw the attendance by attended many dignitaries from the area. Few devotees and pilgrims present were accorded formal welcome. Snacks and other arrangements were arranged by the trustees. The dignitaries present were felicitated. The s receptionist affirmed that “our similar service work will continue” The eighth Shankaracharya of Shankaracharya Peetha, HH Mr. Vidyashankar Bharati and all the other devotees were applauded. Being a spiritual and devout community, the festival was held at the Shankaracharya Samadhi Temple at the famous Shri Kshetra Nirmal in Vasai.

Navi Mumbai Thane, Raigad, Palghar. lakhs of devotees from Mumbai are coming for this yatra. The 15-day yatra will cater a variety of food items and children’s toys to the elder’s angarkha. There are also a number of programs for children, from the wheel to sky watching and magic experiments to “death well”.

The pilgrimage to the land of Lord Parashurama begins at the beginning of December every year.

The famous Shrimant Shankaracharya temple in Vasai taluka dates back to one and a half thousand years ago.

While speaking with Hello Mumbai News correspondent Riddhi Patil , Pankaj Chorghe secretary and one of the organizers of “Nirmal ka Mela” Shankarachyarya temple Nirmal and one of the organizer of Nirmal ka Mela said “this mela is one of the oldest one which organized by our trust. People from different faith come and take blessings of Adya  Shankaracharya . During this 15 days mela palkhi sohala is celebrated on the second day of mela. This time around we honored Dr.Subhodh Pandit and  Dr.Dhanajay Vishwakarma and  Dr. Bhakti Chaudhri as they supported and helped people in the Covid-19 pandemic.

News Edit: K.V.Raman



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