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NO Minority Ministers Attended Urdu Academy Mushaira ,On Republic day, at Gateway of India


Every year Maharashtra Urdu Sahitya Academy organise the “All India Mushaira” on the Eve of Republic day at Gateway Of India. This year “Jash-E-Hindusthan an all india Mushaira function was held on 26th January, the function was attended by eminent poets across the India such as johar kanpuri, Tanveer Gazi, Monica Singh and Waseem Brailvi. The function was well organised by the members of the Urdu Academy but unfortunately the Minority Ministers of the Maharastra Government Vinod Tawde (Minister for Minority affairs and Waqf) and Dilip kamble (Minority Minister for State) both of them were not present at the function though they were the chief guest of the function and it was their own department function but they did not took this invitation seriously and were not present at the function which upset the Minority community leaders and poets also.
AVP Chief Shamsher Khan pathan also attack on this attitude of Government ‘s Minority Minister “It clearly shows that they are anti Minority and anti Urdu they don’t like the function and company of the Minority community because ruling Bjp fully support the Hindutvaa ideology, their skipped clearly exposed their true face of communalism, All Members of the urdu Academy should resign immediately because it is an insult and humiliation of the Minority community “, said Shamsher Khan pathan.
Nawab Malik , NCP Spokesperson also slammed this attitude of Bjp Minister. this Ruling Bjp Government is anti Minority they want to keep distance from the Minority because they are fear of losing Hindutvaa vote bank. This is live example of the communism the function comes ones in a year but both ministers don’t have the time to attend it although Mr Tawde belongs to Mumbai he was in the city. why he avoid this function it is a big Question Mark, “Nawab Malik lashes out.
Faisal Banaraswala Social activist and Leader of the Republican Sena who also attended this Mushaira become upset when he found no Minority Minister on the stage although both of them were chief guest and invited.” it’s a insult of the Urdu Language and our Community, our CM Devandra Phadnavis and their Ministers have the time to attend page 3 filmy parties, weddings and Birthday parties but don’t have the time to attend such type of cultural programme, it means they are not serious and concerned about the Minority community “, said Faisal Banaraswala.
Hydar Azam President Bjp Yuva Morcha defended their party Ministers saying, Vinod Tawde ji was confirmed but he was stuck in the traffic secondly today all of them were busy in” Tiranga yatra ‘don’t take it in other way or don’t politicised the issue, “Said Hydar Azam
The function was attended by senior Bjp leader Atul Shah, but local MLA Rajpurohit was not present.
Sayed Furqan Ahmed, President , SAHAS FOUNDATION ‘ also become upset with this news ” Urdu Academy such a prestigious and reputed government organisation ,but government of Maharashtra is not serious about the development of the Minority community and promotion of the Urdu language, this incident proved the present Bjp government in Maharashtra and in Centre doing discrimination with the Minority people, they only attended those function which had vote bank importance, recently Bjp openly supported Karni sena Andolan, didn’t take strong action against the Andolan kari, in short ì would say Present Bjp government is anti Minority anti Urdu , ” Said Sayed Furqan Ahmed.


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