Home Western No relief to Ullu App CEO Vibhu Agarwal and Anjali Raina in molestation case; Dindoshi Court to hear his anticipatory bail on Monday

No relief to Ullu App CEO Vibhu Agarwal and Anjali Raina in molestation case; Dindoshi Court to hear his anticipatory bail on Monday

No relief to Ullu App CEO Vibhu Agarwal and Anjali Raina in molestation case; Dindoshi Court to hear his anticipatory bail on Monday
File picture of Accsused Vibhu Agarwal CEO Ullu App.(Third party image from Google Search
File picture of Accaused Anjali Raina Country Head Ullu App..Third Party image from Google Search.

Fearing arrest Vibhu Agarwal CEO Ullu App and Anjali Raina Country Head Ullu App moves Dindoshi Court for Anticipatory bail in Molestation and Sexual Harassment case. However, on Saturday, the apex court did not hear this matter and kept it on hold for Monday.

Brief History of the Case :

Vibhu Agarwal, CEO of a very popular OTT Platform- Ullu App has has landed in the centre of controversy.Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the country saw a tremendous demand and subscription to various OTT Platforms. Numerous OTT Platforms mushroomed.

But, following the arrest of British National and Business Tycoon Raj Kundra in Pornography case, the era for OTT Platform Owners are spelling a doomsday.

Now similar case like Raj Kundra has emerged. He is none other than Vibhu Agrawal CEO of a very popular OTT Platform- Ullu App who is wedged in controversy.

Vibhu Agarwal owns Ullu Digital Private Limited and that this company is known for creating adult content.

Sources reveal that former Company Legal Adviser has filed a molestation and sexual harassment case against him at Mumbai’s Amboli police station.

During a conversation with Hello Mumbai News over phone victim revealed that,Vibhu Agrawal framed her in a false extortion case in Lucknow. He even had also put pressure on her not to speak a word about him and his Company.
She went on to add that “My complaint is genuine and I will fight for justice till I get justice. I also posted my statement and facts of the story on Twitter also.

Vibhu Agarwal had forced her to undress in the store room of his production company and even threatened her of dire consequences and that he will defame her family.

FIR has been registered under sections 354 A (sexual harassment),  ,354 B (using criminal force on any woman or abetting such act with the intention of disrobing), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (act done with common intention by two or more persons) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).At Amboli Police Station.

Subsequently, Ullu App also issued a press statement against this FIR and claimed that all the allegations levelled against him and his Company stands utterly baseless and there is no Iota of truth. The probe is on.

An Exclusive Copy of Statement realesed by Victim :

I was appointed as a Legal Head / Advisor in a Company named Ullu Digital Pvt. Ltd. On 17.09.2019. I joined the Company on 23.09. 2019. My work profile was purely Legal and not related to any activities carried on by the Ullu Digital Pvt. Ltd. I used to Draft various Legal Notices,
Agreements, replies to Legal Notices/ Complaints received by Ullu Digital Private Limited and also appeared in matters on behalf of Ullu Digital Private Limited in various Courts.
My probation period was completing in the month of March and since Iwas already working for four more verticals along with Ullu Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Ullu Music
Ullu Merchandise
Ullu Telecommunications
Cheeti / Lattu (which was introduced to me as podcast app for legal work however the same has pornographic audio content)
I requested for increment and advance fees on which CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal agreed and also paid me advance fees in the month of February, 2020.
CEO Vibhu Agarwal then started forcing me to sit in the editing room and
perform the quality check along with the editors of the erotic movies which
i refused to do so and also expressed my discomfort in doing such work as
the editors were making vulgar comments on the intimate scenes and the
female actress’s body.
CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal started sending late night messages and started
forcing me to watch the erotic Content and also forced me to discuss vulgar
scripts and even act in such shows. He started making me wait late hours
in office.
That in the month of September the CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal called me and
directed me to not to refuse any work given by him as he had already paid an advance fee to me expecting to use me as an actor in his erotic web series and my voice in erotic/pornographic podcasts of lattu app.
Tired of all the unethical demands from the CEO, Vibhu Agarwal, I along with my family returned the advance fees via RTGS transaction in the bank account of Ullu Digital Private Limited. The said advance fee was then returned to my bank account and CEO Vibhu Agarwal demanded the same in cash.
CEO Vibhu Agarwal’s unethical and vulgar demands and environment were rising day by day and it was difficult to arrange cash due to Covid-19, I submitted resignation to the CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal in January, 2021 which he refused to accept until I return the advance fees.
On 03.05.2020, CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal asked me to arrange a late night
google meet call at 12.00 midnight to discuss urgent agreements. In the
call the CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal instead of discussing agreements started
discussing vulgar scripts of Ullu and Lattu’s Content and picturization of
the same till 2.30 am and I disconnected the call abruptly. On 04.05.2020,
He again forced me to arrange a late night google meet call at 11.00 pm to
complete the pending call of 03.05.2020 to which I denied and asked the
CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal to connect during working hours and not late night.
That CEO Vibhu Agarwal started hacking my official email id and my
phone using apk format of Ullu app for sending threatening mails on other
company ids, blocking my ids,discriminating against me in the office,
delete my data. He further harassed me by making me continuously watch
the erotic web series and forcing me to act and give voice in lattu app.
On 17.06.2021, CEO Vibhu Agarwal sent a message to me stating that he
wants to solve all the issues that I am facing in the company and therefore
he will come to meet me in Mumbai office on 18.06.2021. he also asked
me to confirm my presence via message as soon as I reach office. On
18.06.2021 after I reached office i was called outside in the main area of
office wherein 4 police officers from Lucknow and one police officer from
Amboli Police station, Mumbai wanted to meet me. Country Head, Miss
Anjali Raina made all of them along with the Me sit in the conference room
which has no cctv camera.
all the Police officers explained a case has been filed against me and requested explanation from the me. When I requested the Police officers to show a copy of FIR or other papers that they have with them. They refused and even threatened me that “saali haramzadi hamare samne waqalat
dikhane ki zarurat nahi agar zyada natak ya puchtach ki to do police officer tere ghar and do police office tere fiancé ke ghar bhej ke tere gharwalo ko itni beizzati karenge ki tera baap seh nai payega, use or bhi betiyan palni he. Teri mangetar ke ghar bhejdenge to hochuki fir teri shadi,
teri zindagi barbad kardenge.” The Country Head Ms. Anjali Raina snatched my Phone and conducted a factory reset on it. They Further refused to show me FIR or any other paper related to it and threatened
that if I deny to cooperate with the CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal and doesn’t fulfil his demands they will entangle me, my family and my fiance’s family very badly in the case and will further arrest me and drag me to Lucknow under false issues. Being left with no other choice I agreed to cooperate with The CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal and then I was sent in the CEO’s cabin in
along with Country Head- Ms Anjali Raina to wait for the CEO.
The CEO later came and along with the Country Head sexually and mentally harassed Me till late night. They even took Me in a store room which is situated in the back of entire office and molested me. They made Me forcefully wear inner garments to be launched by Ullu Merchandise and clicked photos and videos. I was later made to record acceptance of various allegations by Ms. Anjali Raina, who recorded everything on her phone. I was further forced to sign on a backdated Disciplinary action letter
dtd. 17.06.2021 and resignation letter dtd. 18.06.2021 filled with false allegations. At or around 10.45 pm 4 police officers who were waiting in another cabin came to CEO’s Cabin and handed over the Notice u/s
section 41- CrPC to Me and threatened Me to fully cooperate with The CEO
Mr. Vibhu Agarwal only then they will not trouble Me, My family and My
fiancé’. I was allowed to leave the office only if I don’t reveal the incidents to others and also returns to office on the next day. 19.06.2021.
on 19.06.2021, I took one Friend along with me for my safety and made him wait in the Lobby of the Building. However, when Country Head- Ms. Anjali Raina realized that I am not alone, she forced Me to call My friend in the office and also threatened that if I will not call him, they will make
the said photos and videos viral and also threatened that One Police officer
is still waiting in the Other Cabin to take action against Me. Left with No
other Choice I called my Friend in the Office. Both of us were harassed and
then were locked and confined in two different cabins. after being molested
and sexually harassed by the CEO Mr. Vibhu Agarwal and Country Head
Ms Anjali Raina in her cabin I was then made to meet one police officer
from Lucknow, who made me sign two Blank Documents and he also
confiscated my Phone and Sim card. My friend was harassed and locked
in another cabin and was later sent to home along with one employee of
Mr. Vibhu Agarwal to bring His Cheque Book and submit Post Dated
cheques worth Rs. 34,00,000/- as a security that my friend shall keep
whatever happened as secret and if under any circumstances, he reveals
anything to anyone then he shall be liable to pay Rs. 34,00,000/- to Mr.
Vibhu Agarwal. I was also forced to give Rs. 25,00,000/- in cash and Post￾dated Cheque Worth Rs, 76,00,000/- within 15 to 25 days from
19.06.2021 in return of handling or neutralizing the FIR filed in Lucknow.
Due to a smaller number of cheque available in the cheque book, my Friend
submitted 5 Cheque of Rs 5,00,000/- each on 19.06.2021 and requested
time to apply for new Cheque book.
Cheque No 011124 dated 20/09/2021 of Rs 5,00,000/-
Cheque No 011125 dated 20/12/2021 of Rs 5,00,000/-
Cheque No 011133 dated 20/03/2022 of Rs 5,00,000/-
Cheque No 011134 dated 20/06/2022 of Rs 5,00,000/-
Cheque No 011135 dated 20/09/2022 of Rs 5,00,000.

Ullu App also issued official statement in media to counter this fir and claimed all allegations agsinst them are baseless.


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