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    Oshiwara Police arrests 40 yrs Old Salesman for breaking Into Antique Showroom at Heera Panna Mall Oshiwara

    In a sensational case, Oshiwara Police arrested a 40 year old Salesman Ankit Vishwas Mahantoh, resident of Anand Nagar, Oshiwara broke into an antique showroom at Heera Panna Mall, Oshiwara, Andheri West and decamped with antiques worth Rs 70 lakhs.

    After losing his job due to the lockdow during the Covid-19 pandemic a 40-year-old salesman broke into an antique showroom in Andheri west and robbed antiques worth Rs 70 lakhs.

    According to officials of Oshiwara Police Station investigating the case the accused had lost his job amid the lockdown and to make ends meet broke into the Antique Shop at Heera Panna Mall and robbed the antiques. The officials also revealed that after the lockdown was lifted the owner of the antique showroom when he opened the showroom he noticed the windows located on the back of the shop was broken. When he checked his inventory, he realised that statues, clocks and jewllery worth Rs 70 lakhs were missing from the showcase.

    Thereafter he approached the nearest Oshiwara Police Station and registered a case of house breaking.

    As per Sanjay Bandale, senior police inspector of Oshiwara police station, when they scanned the CCTV of the showroom and the area, they noticed a person roaming around the shop at night. The police circulated the photo of the suspect in different police stations and their informers to find out the identity of the man.

    On Monday the police tipped off by their informers that a man in Jogeshwari was trying to sell an antique clock in the black market for Rs 2 lakhs. The police officers then laid a trap and arrested Mahantoh.

    The accused also revealed that since he worked as a salesman he used to visit various localities and had also gone to the antique showroom in the past. He had noticed that there was window behind the showrrom which did not have a grill.

    The accused planned the theft and broke into the shop during the night in July and robbed the antiques which he threw one by one through the window and collected them once he was out.

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