Home Hello Womeniya Oshiwara Police celebrate International Women’s Day in an unique style, First Pictures here

Oshiwara Police celebrate International Women’s Day in an unique style, First Pictures here

Oshiwara Police celebrate International Women’s Day in an unique style, First Pictures here
Group picture Yuva Sena Team with Oshiwara Police Team on the eve of International Woman’s Day.

Today on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the world shows gratitude to women for their strengths and sacrifices they have devoted to architect our

Their huge contribution changes the world to be a better place and they have added colours to our lives to make it more beautiful._

Every woman of the world is so special, powerful and unique. Gratitude to them for making the life complete and colourful by being there in which ever format of life._

Every section of society celebrated it with enthusiasm and with great spirit and fervour.

Likewise the Oshiwara Police Personnel also celebrated this International Women’s Day in an unique style.
Proudly, Hello Mumbai News also became a part of the icelebration.


International Woman’s Day Celebrates at Oshiwara Police Station.

Ngo Naari Shakti Feliciates to Sr PI .Sanjay Bendale on the eve of Imternational Woman’s Day.

Tata Hospital Team celebrates International Woman’s Day with Oshiwara lady police Officers.

Mr.Sanjay Bendale, Senior Police Inspector of Oshiwara Police said, “since morning all women Ngos visited the Police Station and felicitated and honoured our Women Police Officials.

Further he went on to say that the Team of Tata Hospital, Nari Shakti Ngo and others too celebrated this special occasion with our Women Police Officials .
Mr .Sanjay Bendare further added that the Yuva Sena Ladies Wing also distributed Tulsi as a sign of good will among our Women Police officials.

Besides this, Mumbai Police are always concerend and serious on the safety of women. We have Special Helpline Service 103 which is accessible for 24 hours for all.

Sushma Bapurao, PWN of Oshiwara Police Station affirmed, “we are grateful to all who celebrated this Special Women’s Day with us. Such type of celebration motivates us and encourages us.

Madhuri Ulharkar another  PWN from Oshiwara Police Station affirmed “we are happy this Women’s Day was celebrated very well and our Senior PI Bhande Sir supported us a lot in this. Infact on this Womens Day should be celebrate every day .

Pratik Manoj Kumar Rode one of the Women Police Official from Oshiwara saying that “we feel extremely happy today as the entire universe is in celebration mood this day, we being police official appreciate all who feliciated and honoured us on this magnanimous occassion.

Bhagyshree Vikram Abhale Yuva Sena leader, we distributed Tulsi as a good yeomen and feliciated and honoured all women Police Officials. We repose great faith in Mumbai Police , who always support and help us in every issue .Thats why it was decided to celebrate this International Woman’s Day with the Police.


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