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Police Complaint filed against Model Ayeesha S Aiman in producer Kamal Kishor hit and run car case at Amboli Police station

Police Complaint filed against Model Ayeesha S Aiman in producer Kamal Kishor hit and run car case at Amboli Police station

Hello Mumbai City Desk:

After his arrest and subsequent Police custody till 30 October, the hit and run car case of accused film Producer Kamal Kishore Sharma is now entangled in a new twist with the involvement of a glamour face in this serious crime.

File picture of Ayeesha s Aiman with Accused Kamal Kishore Mishra.

Complainant in the case is none other than the popular Bhojpuri actor Yasmeen Khan who has filed a police complaint against mystery Model and aspiring actor Ayeesha Supriya Aiman  at Amboli Police station on 23 October for harassment and threat.

Notably, the Amboli Police has registered an NC under section155 cr pc 507 against Ayeesha Supriya Aiman .The copy of NC is available with Hello Mumbai News.
As per sources, Amboli Police will issue summons to Model Ayeesha Supriya Aiman in this case because at the incident time Ayeesha Supriya was seated alongside the accused Kamal Kishore Mishra in the car.

Copy of NC registered against Ayeesha Supriya Aiman at Amboli Police station.


While speaking with Hello Mumbai News over phone complainant Yasmeen Khan said that the prime reason of the fight between her and her husband revolves round Model Ayeesha Supriya Aiman the current girlfriend of her husband. When her husband called her to meet him at Oberoi Spring Ayeesha was seated in the car when her husband hit me with the car. She never bothered to Stop him, but ironically, supported him and abused her.
Hence it is her request to the Mumbai Police to incorporate Ayesha’s name in the FIR as she was part of this conspiracy against her.

Yasmeen is bewildered why the police never made her an accused not withstanding of her meeting with the DCP Zone 9 and having explained the entire matter to him. After this Amboli Police registred her complaint against Ayeesha Supriya Aiman.

Yasmeen further claimed that Ayeesha Supriya Aman destroyed her family life after she entered into her husband’s life. She caught both of them red handed in the car and this is precisely why the crime scene happened.

Picture of injured Actress Yasmeen Khan

Now her family Life has been ruined due to of Ayeesha Supriya. So it is her request to Mumbai police to initiate legal proceedings against her and to add her name in the FIR.

Yasmeen expresses her gratitude to the thankful to Mumbai police for their investigation in the case seriously and for adding section 307 together with the moter vehicle Act. She is once again highly obliged to DCP Zone 9

for his support and guidance. Today the prime accused Kamal Kishore Mishra is cooling his heels behind bars.

Now the Amboli is probing the case to ascertain whether Model Ayeesha S. Aiman was seated in the car at the time of the incident  CCTV footage of the incident is very important to investigate the Case for police.

When Hello Mumbai News Team tried to connect with Amboli Police they were unavailable.

Brief introduction of Ayeesha
S. Aiman:

Supriya Aiman is an Indian model and Beauty Pageant title holder. She was crowned Glamanand Miss India International 2015. She proudly represented India at Miss International 2015 pageant held in Tokyo, Japan.

Infact, she is an Aeronautical Engineer and armed with a Bachelor Honours Degree in Physics.

She was honoured with the Panasonic Beauty Ambassador award for the year 2015 by Panasonic organisation and Miss Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador by Japan Tourism and International Cultural association at the Miss International Pageant.

This Bihar based Super model Supriya has brought glory to Bihar and made India Proud with her creditable achievements.

File picture of Model Ayeesha Supriya Aiman.

Noteworthily, Supriya Aiman was honoured with Asia Star Model award in South Korea, Seoul in May 2018 at the Asia Model Festival besides her contribution in the modelling industry. She is also an Aeronautical Engineer and holding a Bachelor Honours Degree in Physics .

Disclaimer: Images of Ayeesha s Aiman from Google search and Social media .


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