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    Police Head Constable Sakharam Bhoye commits sucide in PI’s cabin at Tulinj Police Station,Nalasopara


    A shocking news comes to light of suicide by Head Constable 42 year old Sakharam Bhoye attached to the Tulinj Police Station at Nallasopara. He shot himself in the cabin of Senior Police Inspector. The DCP has reached the spot on receiving the tragic news.

    The tragic incident, which seems to have occured around early hours has come as a rude shock to the entire police force. What drove the constable to take such a drastic step remains unclear. He has been working as a constable in Tulinj police station in Nallasopara Palghar district for the last four years. Pathetically, this suicide has created a sad atmosphere in the police group.

    It doesn’t come as a surprise of police personnel committing suicide.

    There are manifold reasons for it. Police personnel have no fixed hours of duty. They are considered to be on duty all the time. This deprives them of spending quality time with their families. They are frequently made to work for long hours with the result they have to ignore their family and this leads to familial conflicts. Festivals are given a go-by as they have to be on duty to ensure peace in their areas.
    Denial of leave is another sore point that affects the efficiency of the police and leads to frustration


    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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