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    Private Detective agent Rajni Pandit Arrested , today will be produced in the court


    A Highly acclaimed private Investigator and world fame india’s first lady detective ‘Rajni Pandit ‘ arrested by Thane Crime Branch on Friday evening. Police arrested her to collect CDR illegally and personal information of the individual tomorrow she will be produced in the court. Two days ago Thane Crime Branch arrested two persons in connection with the Illegal collection of the CDR details, during the investigation accused admitted they were doing on the order of Rajni Pandit after this police arrested this detective agency owner.

    Rajni Pandit a well known face in the world of detective, she  received numerous awards on her outstanding work, have written two books based on her experiences. She started her career in 1991 during her 25 years career she sloved more than 80000 cases which were related Crime, family issues and company affairs. Now further investigation is going on.



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