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Project ASHRA (Free Education Shelter) by Ashray For Life Foundation.

Project ASHRA (Free Education Shelter) by Ashray For Life Foundation.


The “Ashray For Life Foundation,” also recognized as “Ashray Ka Ashra from Malad,” is situated in Malad. This noble organization serves as a haven of free education for underprivileged children. With a dedicated team known as AFLF, the foundation comes together to address the needs of these children, ensuring that they receive the support they require. As a part of their mission, the foundation distributes education kits to these young minds, paving the way for a promising and luminous future.

The significance of “Ashray Ka Ashra from Malad” lies in its commitment to provide free education and a secure shelter for children in need. The collaborative efforts of the AFLF team ensure that these children’s requirements are met, and they are equipped with education kits that play a pivotal role in shaping their aspirations and dreams.

The “Ashray For Life Foundation actively engages with the local community. Mr. Naresh Bhanushali’s founder of AFLF this initiative aims to provide essential educational resources and distribute education kits to children who deserve a chance at a brighter future. By doing so, the foundation not only imparts knowledge but also empowers these young minds with the tools they need to flourish and succeed.

The teamwork of “Ashray For Life Foundation,” combined with their dedication to ensuring a quality education and a nurturing environment, exemplifies their commitment to the welfare of underprivileged children. Through the distribution of education kits, they are contributing to the holistic development of these children, fostering their growth and potential.

In essence, the “Ashray For Life Foundation,” under the name “Ashray Ka Ashra from Malad” stands as a beacon of hope, striving to uplift the lives of underprivileged children by providing them with education, support, and opportunities. Their unwavering efforts serve as an inspiration and a testament to the power of collective action in making a positive impact on society’s most vulnerable members.


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