Home Maharashtra & Goa Pune city have…. BEST Palliative Care providers!

Pune city have…. BEST Palliative Care providers!

Pune city have…. BEST Palliative Care providers!

Pune city have….
BEST Palliative Care providers!!


Dr Prince John Medical Director Head, PallEx Healthcare Solution Pvt Ltd .

Dr.Sunil Dhiliwal  Head, Homecare Services
PallEx Healthcare Solution Pvt Ltd.

PallEx is a Palliative & Geriatric Care Inpatient Hospital located in Pune, Maharashtra. Started in the year 2019, PallEx is India’s First Private Palliative Care Hospital. 24/7 Doctors, attendants and nurses take care of the patient needs.

The 1st PallEx Palliative Care Conference In lieu of World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is scheduled on 8th of October 2022 at Hotel Pride, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. The main purpose is to gather the medical professionals under a single umbrella. The aim is to highlight about the pressing need of “Early Integration of Palliative Care in Chronic illnesses”

Due to the increasing need of providing
palliative care and pain management services
at home set-up, PallEx in association with
Cancer Home Health (CHH) announces
the availability of said services in city of PUNE.

We Provide Patient Care at All Levels
OPD (out-patient department)
IPD (in-patient department)
HOMECARE (at your doorstep)

Cancer Home Health (CHH) is successfully operating since 07+ years in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Now in association with PallEx, starting in Pune city from October 2022.

Patients experience many side effects and symptoms during and post chemotherapy/radiation therapy, if not treated in time may need hospitalization. Multiple hospital admissions and follow up sessions hamper the state of mind of the patients and create overall aversion to the treatment protocol and is one of the prime reasons for discontinuation of the treatment. The anxiety, fear of the disease and treatment takes toll on both patient and family members. In these situations, professional help is important and our team at PallEx provides it to you, at all levels: inpatient unit, opd appointments, tele-consultation and YES now in association with Cancer Home Health Team to your own home set-up too.

Contact Details:
www.pallexcare.com & www.cancerhomehealth.com
8530801333 & 9320846193


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