Rahul Gandhi Era Begins In Congress Party, Celebration Among The Party

    Rahul Gandhi Era Begins In Congress Party, Celebration Among The Party

    Rahul Gandhi a very long and much-awaited decision Congress party took today and Rahul Gandhi became the 49th president of the Congress party. From Gandhi family he is the 5th president, party got a new president after 19 years.

    On this occasion Sonia Gandhi addressed to the party leader in her farewell speech she attacked Bjp ” country’s democracy is in danger, people are not happy with ruling party, my life changed after Rajiv ji ‘s death ,My husband worked hard to full fill his responsibility as a PM, Indiraji is my idol she was like my mother ,I felt that my mother is killed when Indira ji was killed , l never wanted to enter politics ,but I entered it to full fill my duties towards the country, ” Said Sonia Gandhi in her last speech as a Congress President.


    Rahul Gandhi took charge today as a national president, ” I am an idealist, today regressive forces dominating the politics, people are being killed for what they eat, Politics of fear at present, Bjp spreading hate all over the country, Rahul Gandhi lashes out,”.
    Javed Sharoof senior Congress leader in Maharashtra Congress have great hope that the party’s situation will improve after becoming president of Rahul Gandhi. He congrats to Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party.




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