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Ramzan Iftaar In Bangalore With Nishat Sait

Ramzan Iftaar In Bangalore With Nishat Sait

*Ramadan Iftaar with Nishat Sait Straight from Bangalore*

During Ramadan, Muslims practice sawm, or fasting. The practice of fasting during Ramadan means that Muslims may not eat or drink anything including water while the sun is shining. Fasting is one of the five pillars or duties of Islam.

Today we Are joining a Muslim family from Bangalore and a very good Friend of mine ; *Mrs Afsana Irfan* who is *W/o Mohammed Irfan Haroon*; she is blessed with *4 kids;
*6* members in the family.Her husband has encouraged her to cook and since then cooking has become *Afsana’s Passion*.She’s a very *Good Cook*;a *Lovely Mom* to her kids and also a *Respectable Wife* .She also believes that *The fragrance and the taste of the food …Brings a smile on people’s faces … Which encourages her to try out new Dishes*..
Lastly Happiness is when people praise about her hand made food and cooking and making Her Family open their fast is also counted by Almighty Allah and Rewards are Granted by the Almighty. It’s like doing 1 good deed =70 Good deeds. She made for *Iftaar* today
*Mutton Balls with Curd dip*
*Jaggery juice with Chia seeds*
*Mango Fresh Cream*
*Mutton Curry*
*Fruit Chaat*
*Spicy Noodles with Schezwan Sauce*.
Pics are shared where you all can have a glimpse of her Tasty Dishes and Afsana herself direct from *Bangalore*


News Report by
Mrs Nishat Sait
Lifestyle & Event Management Editor; India.


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