Republic Day Mushaira attended by Maseeha Trust chief Dr. Mariam,Qadar Bhai Perfumewala and others, at Gateway of India


Republic Day All India Mushaira Organised By Urdu Academy, At Gateway Of IndiaOn the Eve of Republic day ‘Urdu Sahitya Academy’ organised an All India Mushaira at Gateway of India which was well organised by the Academy Members ,but the Minority Ministers were not present there which upset the Minority community.
Maseeha Trust President, Dr.Mariam Hingora was also a part of this function, she is seen enjoying the Mushaira in the company of Adv Marjeena legal advisor of Maseeha Trust and Director of ” Hello Mumbai ” and Qadar Bhai Perfumewala (Owner of Al Kashkha International Perfumes & Textiles).
Hello Mumbai got a chance to interact with Dr Mariam on the occasion, She smiled and said, ” its a good and well organised function,and good gathering of the intellectual people , good platform to pramote Urdu Language and Good intitaive taken by Urdu Sahitya Academy if we listen to the poet and their Gazals it gives energy and our emotions, feelings towards the literature world increases such type of cultural function should be organise which promote our indian culture and Urdu Language also “.

Qadar Bhai Perfumewala, also attended the Mushaira, he also enjoyed the function, ” Such function helps to Pramote our civilise culture and Urdu language also we should support and come forward to promote it. All poets across the country was very well known and having good knowledge of the urdu shayri , Said Qadar Bhai perfumewala.
The main highlight of the Mushaira was that all well known face of the Urdu language such as Johar kanpuri, Tanveer Gazi, Monica Singh, Waseem Brailvi also attended this Mushaira and became part of it. Bjp leader Atul Shah also seen enjoying the Function. Hydar Azam and Mrs Qamarunnisa Saeed Ahmed also played very important role to organise this function.Dr.Mariam seen busy in Conversation with Qamaunisa Saeed Ahmed (Urdu Times owner).Republican sena Leader Faisal Banaraswala, Shareef Kazi, Kaiser bhai and Mr Makki (Huda Times) also spotted there and seen in Conversation with Dr. Mariam Shakir Hingora.


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