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    Reservation Scheme in politics should be Cancelled , Demands Rashmi Majgaonkar Social Activist from Nagpur

    While we are reaping the benefits of reservation scheme and the underprivileged sections of society have a great chance to be represented in Indian parliament/legislatures under this scheme, the period of such reservation is a matter which should be revisited. The reason for this is the other sections of society from a reserved constituency feel more acutely ignored (simply because of the prolonged period of reservation), the leadership talent in that particular constituency cannot be fully exploited. A more equitable method of giving representation to the underprivileged sections while avoiding it’s above indicated defects should be formulated. One very obvious system that suggests itself is reduction in period of reservation. Another could be a continuous rotation system. The later has an advantage wherein the leaders will always to required to reach beyond their constituency if they are looking for a longer innings in politics. Other suggestions should also be called for a more equitable just and progressive system should be substituted in lieu of the present one.

    A state assembly seat is reserved for a certain category for 4 terms which translates to 20 years. Aren’t we missing on some fine candidates? is such a long span necessary?


    In put by Rashmi Majgaonkar ,Social Activist and Business Enterprienour from Nagpur.








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