Residents allege Adani creating diversion from on going illegal surve

Residents allege Adani creating diversion from on going illegal surve


It seems Adani’s Dharavi Premier League has kicked up an controversy even before it started. The event which is being sponsored by DRPPL ( Dharavi Redevelopment project pvt ltd) has not gone down well with most of the residents of Dharavi who see this as a mere attempt to divert the focus from the ongoing survey. Few days back the residents had opposed the survey resulting in stoppage of work for that day. ” This money which is government money is being recklessly spent for useless cricket matches which serves no motives at all. This money is for rehabilitation of Dharavi and not for any entertainment purpose. Adani is trying to brainwash the people of Dharavi especially the youths by giving them such freebies and organising matches. All this is being done to divert attention from the ongoing survey which is being done in Dharavi. The complete survey is illegal. By conducting such events they think the youth be in their side and hand over their houses to them. We wont let it happen. Earlier also we had filed petitions against them in high court. We will not rest till we get out rights”, said Sanjay Bhalerao of the Dharavi Bachao Andolan. Also Adani has put posters and hoardings across Dharavi about the event. A code of conduct is already in place bit According to an officer in BMC who did not wished to be named saud, “Adani doesn’t care for rules. DRPPL being a public sector unit cannot put out such banners but violation of rules is nothing new for Adani . They never came for permissions and nor did we give them any”.
” This event is nothing but blatant violation of rules and a wastage of that money which is supposed to be for the upliftment of people of Dharavi. Srinivas is Adani’s servant. He will obey all their commands. They own the government right now. So they can bend the rules as they won’t,” said Bhalerao.
Srinivas remained unavailable for comments despite repeated attempts.


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