Roshan Bhinder wife of late Garry Bhinder TV Director arrested by Versova Police for cheating, criminal breach of trust


It is pathetic that Bollywood Personalities don’t give a second thought and realise the consequences ahead when they .Indulge in cheating and criminal breach of trust.

News comes to light that Versova Police, on Monday, arrested Roshan Bhinder, wife of Garry Bhinder, in a cheating and fraud cases.

She was arrested on the basis of complaint lodged by TV Actor Hiten Tejwani and Co-Producer Businessman Rajesh Jaisinghani on charges of cheating and fraud to the tune of Rs.37 lakhs.

Sources reveal that Roshan was an habitual offender and there has been complaints from many against her from entertainment & film industry.

According to Hiten Tejwani and
Co-Producer Businessman Rajesh Jaisinghani, in June 2019, Roshan approached them with a proposal for a web series to be developed for online streaming platforms.

Accordingly, Jaisinghani paid ₹37 lakh into a joint account set up for the project and a contract was signed.

However, Jaisinghani and Tejwani soon started receiving complaints from crew members that they were not being paid.

Reportedly on November 9, 2019, Roshan had informed both Hiten and Rajesh that the streaming platform had cancelled the contract. On November 15, 2019, the three of them met in Juhu, where Rajesh asked Roshan to return the ₹37 lakh that he had invested. Roshan refused to do so.

Subsequently, Rajesh also learnt that Roshan had diverted some money to her own account. He approached the Versova Police and an FIR was registered on January 27 this year.
However, Roshan approached the Bombay High Court seeking anticipatory bail. But the apex Court denied her plea in October.

In its order, the HC referred to the diversion of funds and non-payment of wages to the crew members.

As per Bombay HC, When confronted, there was no material made available by the Applicant even as enjoying interim protection justifying the expenses either to this Court or to Investigating Officer. As such, the amount which was handed over to the Applicant in trust appears to have been misappropriated.

Versova Police Station Senior Inspector Siraaj Inamdar, confirmed that Roshan was arrested on Monday.

API Vivek Khawale, Versova Police Station, Mumbai Police, is carrying out detailed investigation against Roshan and her various criminal activities.

News Input: K.V.Raman



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