Rotary Club of Chandivali Mumbai Stepped in to contribute benefits to needy people amid a pandemic

Rotary Club of Chandivali Mumbai Stepped in to contribute benefits to needy people amid a pandemic

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Picture of Charity projects 2020-21.

Rotary Club of Chandivali Mumbai Stepped in to contribute benefits to needy people amid a pandemic

Mumbai: Rotary Club of Chandivali Mumbai, club number: 88452, District 3141, Has been accomplishing various services to serve the society and in the covid dilemma likewise, they formulated their total exertions and given assistance wholeheartedly. Their Five Avenues of Service are Community, international, youth, club, and vocational and they believe in ” service above self”

RI President – Rtn.Holger knack
District Governor – Rtn. Sunnil Mehra
Club President – Rtn. Dr. Rachana G. Rai
Club Secretary – Rtn. Nutan Bhalla

Have conducted several projects which are as follows:-

Blood Donation Camp Lake homes Complex, Powai with Sarvodaya Hospital on 29th August 2020 and on 8th February 2021 with Tata Memorial Hospital.

Annapoorna District Event Cooked meals project Milind Nagar, Sakinaka on 1st July 2020, and an Annapoorna Flagship project for Old Age homes and orphanages on 21st November 2020.

#With us Paspoli health post-Powai, With you BMC L ward mural health post – 6th July 2020, 9th July 2020.

Portal Cabin Inauguration – SakiNaka By DG Sunnil Mehra, Ds Rajendra Datye, and AF Eakta Menon on 10th August 2020. Nahar Face shield distribution by inspector Sankpal on 23rd September 2020. Grain distribution and thank you cards, BMC L ward – 15th October 2020.

Road Safety Week – Free eye camp at Sakinaka traffic police station with a team Yuva Prerna on 13th February 2021.

Physiotherapy Camp Ultan pada, Aarey Women’s Day celebration on 13th March 2021.

Further, 3H project – Hunger Tunga Village, Ambedkar Chawl, SRA, Milind Nagar, Nancy Munshi on 14th, 15th, 31st January 2021. 3H project – Hygiene Menstrual Kits Distribution Wada on 23rd January 2021. Along with the 3H project – On 23rd January 2021, Health Malnourished Children Wada took place.

Ashiyana – Low-cost housing handover by DG Sunnil Mehra on 23rd January 2021.
SPRJ Kanya Shala School Composting and Parijat Tree Plantation with SAAHAS on 12th February 2021.

Meanwhile on 13th March 2021 carried out the distribution of Durries and Gifts Balvihar Ultan Pada, Aarey. Donation of a Computer with Puranik Healing at Ultan pada, Aarey on a similar day. Girls Toilet Block Inauguration Tasna foundation and RC palghar Zilla Parishad school, pole on 5th December 2020.

Additionally, Got commendation For the POSHAK AAHAR Certificate of recognition Rtn Kiran Emani- TRF Director District Malnutrition project 2020-21.Rotary vocational excellence awards Dr. Suja Moorthy, Rotary Service Week on 5th February 2021.

Independence Day and Republic Day celebrated at the zoom meeting on 15th August 2020 and 26th January 2021.

These are some of the Projects which they have attained and there are different others and they will maintain committing their significant work to keep aiding our community.


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