Home Central Rotary Club of Mulund Hill View Shares Lockdown Charity Projects details with Hello Mumbai

Rotary Club of Mulund Hill View Shares Lockdown Charity Projects details with Hello Mumbai

Rotary Club of Mulund Hill View Shares Lockdown Charity Projects details with Hello Mumbai
Picture of Project 2.

Notably, Rotary Club is an active and vibrant Club that aids the poor and needy people even in nature’s calamity.

In the 1st Outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic’, Rotary Club ensured
Its helping hand in distribution
If essential items to the needy and poor.

Amid this Covid-19 2nd Wave pandemic, everyone is going through dilemmas and the Rotary Club are trying to minimise it

Needless to mention Rotary Club y have accomplished numerous significant social projects in medical, vocational, educational, and many other areas of endeavor.

In the midst of this Pandemic, they are providing benefits to the needy ones.

Even in the 1st Wave of the pandemic Rotary Club have risen to the grim situation and dustributed essential items to the needy and poor.

Now, with the 2nd Wave proving dangerous and spreading like a wild fire and with many people placed in precarious situation particularly with non-availibity of required medicines .
Club name – Rotary Club of Mulund Hill View
Current year – Vision year
President- Rtn Mahima A Menda
Secretary- Rtn Shilpa Goel
District Governer – Rtn Sunnil Mehra
Treasurer- Rtn Prakash Golani.

Brief Introduction of RC Of Mulund Hill View :

RC of Mulund Hill View is a 20 year old club. Our club aims at eradicating hunger & illiteracy from our country, so our aim is to start from our own city , our own suburbs from Central Mumbai. Keeping safety measures into consideration on top priority, we have served the society in the best way during this pandamic times. Here are some of the glimpses of HILL VIEW & it’s team work.

We have always got unconditional support from our Rotoractors club of Hill View & SK Somaiya. We are the proud parents of these Rotractor’s club.

The feather on the crown of HILL VIEW , our charter Member, Rtn Dr Manish Motwani has formed two Rotary clubs under our sponsorship namely MUMBAI GREENS & SOBO. We have not only to work for society but pulled more Rotarians to work for society. Here’s the Ensaumble of Work with fun & happiness of RC of Mulund Hill View.
For more details Please contact Rtn Deepak Lilani to become our member 9833733205.

Charity Project Details :

Picture of Project 1
Picture of Project 2.

The project 3H — distribution of menustral hygiene n nourishment kits to 60 children of Wada under district guidance. The project was headed by Rtn Sneh Malhotra, Rtn Shilpa and Rtn Rajkumar Doshi.


Our flagship project – Back to School, which is 7 year old project. This year we distributed 100plus students fees and 350 tabs to promote digital education during pandamic. This project is headed by Rtn Sneh Malhotra, Rtn Kashmira Ganatra & Rtn Shilpa Goel.

Project Annapurna – the on going project of RC of Mulund Hill View which aims at food distribution at happy fridge Mulund, various slums & shrines of bhandup n Mulund. It adds blanket , biscuits, juices , Re usable cotton ,

Annapurna Projects.
                   Ration kits Distribution.

clothes & utensils distributions (preferably new ones & in good conditions). This is funded by members of club, club contributions during festive , sponsorships from friends, district members.
We have also distributed ration kits the daily wage earners musicians who work in orchestra in Vikhroli.

We have disturbed 165 monthly Ration kits to BMC school kids n staff at Bhandup West on occasion of Navratri in April 2021.

Proposed Annapurna is providing 140 elderly citizens with cooked tiffins at their door step with Nimesh Tanna trust and Supporting in Lunger seva for road dewellers at Mulund Colony in June 2021.

The project is done collectively by Rtn Mahima Menda , Rtn nikita Oza, Rtn Shilpa Goel, Rtn Sneh Malhotra , Rtn Dr Mahek Motwani , Rtn Kashmira Ganatra & Rtn Manali Arora.

Mid Day Meals Project :

RCMHV & Smile foundation ventured distribution of 450 meals per day in Mulund & Bhandup for a month to poor & needy road dwellers, auto drivers, slums & construction workers. Please feel free to call Sneh & Kashmira for such partnership towards humanity
9833619679; 9833542719.




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