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RSS Iftar Party Muslims Opposed Will Show Black Flag To Indresh Kumar

RSS Iftar Party Muslims Opposed Will Show Black Flag To Indresh Kumar

“RSS is open enemy of Muslim and Islam their leaders previously involved in Bomb Blast cases like Hyderabad Mecca Masjeed, Ajmer Sharif, and Malegaon Blast  ,this organization will never be Muslim supporters, All Muslim should opposed such type of Iftaar party, “said Faisal Banaraswala social activist. He futher added, we will stage a protest against  this Iftaar party showing Black Flag at the venue.

Another Muslim Community leader and Chairman of All India OBC, Nizamuddin Rayeeen also urged, “This Iftaar party is only Eye wash RSS is playing dual policy game with Muslims since beginning their ideology always against the Minority people now  today they are organizing the Iftaar party for Muslim why ? asked Nizamuddin Rayeen  ,he also appealed to all Minority people to stay away from this Iftaar party because ROZA is very important aspect of Ramzaan it is our duty to protect it we should break Roza at Masjeed or with family not with RSS I personally opposed this Iftaar party .,”

“AVP chief Shamsher Khan Pathan also lashes out at RSS saying they are playing dual game ,earlier they were criticising Congress party’s Iftaar party now they are hosting Iftaar party why? They are playing emotional game with Muslim Community, all community should boycott this Iftaar party ,why RSS doing such ‘Natak ‘if really they love Muslim they should change their slogan ‘Hindu Rashtrya ‘and should say ‘Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai ‘ then people will accept their Iftaar party invitation, today they are following congress party footsteps, I personally opposed this Iftaar party and appealed to all to avoid to attend the party. ”


“I always opposed the Iftaar party being in  to politics I never attended Iftaar party and never organise ,RSS or any political Iftaar party Muslim should avoid to attend, because ROZA  is very important Ibadaat for every Muslim they should not waste it doing Iftaar party, all Muslim leaders and Ulemas should boycott this Iftaar party  ,Said Haji Arfat senior Shiv Sena leader.




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