Ruhit Sumon, Chairman, Moyurpongkhi Foundation honored with SAARC Brilliance Award” from Nepal

Ruhit Sumon, Chairman, Moyurpongkhi Foundation  honored with SAARC Brilliance Award” from Nepal


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Ruhit Sumon of Bangladesh won the international award in Nepal

Md. Sumon Rahman (Ruhit Sumon), a youth organizer and social worker from Bangladesh received the “SAARC Brilliance Award” from Nepal. Ruhit Sumon, Chairman, Moyurpongkhi Foundation and Moyurpongkhi Family, was honored with this international honor in recognition of his work for world peace, youth and women’s development through social services and humanitarian and awareness work during the Corona.

The prestigious “SAARC Brilliance Award” was presented by the World Book of Star Records at the Cultural Summit with the participation of eight SAARC countries held at the Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu, Nepal. The summit was organized with the aim of exchanging culture between the SAARC countries and was attended by delegates from different countries.

Ruhit Sumon through his established organization “Moyurpongkhi” is conducting various activities in the epidemic corona situation. Corona prevention and remedial training and workshops during the outbreak, the provision of masks, sanitizers, soap leaflets, food and iftar items to the helpless, the destitute and the underprivileged, sewing machines for self reliance and employment. Besides, food items, financial assistance and protection materials were provided to the flood victims.

Sumon said international honor is a matter of great pride. Receiving an international award as a citizen of the red-green flag of Bangladesh is a matter of great pride and joy. I love people, I am working for the welfare of the people and I want to do more by involving the youth. I dedicate this award to all the heroic freedom fighters and martyrs and Corona fighters in the great liberation war.

The Global Peace Award at the World Youth Peace Conference in the Maldives, the “International Youth Award” in India, in Dubai.
Sumon has been awarded “International School Award”, “International Education Award” in Thailand and “Star of Cavid Award” from England. Besides, he has received many national and international awards and honors from home and abroad.

Incidentally, she is working on the basic rights of disadvantaged children and women, youth development and entrepreneurs. Moyurpongkhi Adarshalipi Shikshalay, Moyurpongkhi Quran Shiksha Asar, Moyurpongkhi Nari Shiksha Kendra, Moyurpongkhi Creative Library, Moyurpongkhi Youth and Sports Council and many other charitable organizations.

Moyurpongkhi Foundation, established in 2008, is working for the welfare of the underprivileged, the underprivileged, the basic rights of the disadvantaged children and women, including education and youth welfare. Outside the country, peacocks already have representatives in more than 70 countries.

Ruhit Sumon has previously participated in various international conferences in India, Malaysia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia and Maldives. He built his career as an event organizer, businessman, and presenter after graduating in film, television, and digital media from Green University. He also edited Little Magazine called Moyurpongkhi Bichitra. Munshiganj’s son Sumon has worked as a volunteer in various service organizations in Bangladesh as well as in international organizations including Save the Children, UNICEF. His various writings for children have been published in national dailies, monthly magazines and journals.


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