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Save Democracy Save India, Military Intervene Demands AVP Chief Shamsher Pathaan


Save Democracy… Military must intervene.


For the first time in history of World, 4 sitting Supreme court judges sat together and took Press conference with cry for saving Democracy. It seems that something serious is coming out from judiciary which is undemocratic and Chief Justice is not listening to 4 senior judges. Either it may be on appointment of RSS Ideologue advocate as supreme court judges or some sensational order which will harm the democratic fabric of our country, like calling India as “Hindurashtra”


It’s big blow on present government. It seems that Judiciary is under tremendous pressure of this government and we can read in between line.
We are destroying our democracy.

In the name of FDI our country is sold to foreigners. Communal hatred is at flash point.
All opposition parties are scared to speak against misdeeds of Present government.
Any moment we may enter in Civil War, which will destroy our country in same way like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now only hope is Indian Military at this point. They have to protect our country from internal damages instead of border security. In my opinion Military must take over the country and dissolve parliament. Clean country from corrupt and communal elements, safeguard democracy. Than call for election under strict democratic norms and save our country and it’s constitution. Even Supreme court can safeguard our country and it’s constitution by ordering the military to take over.
Situation is very alarming.
God save India.
Shamsherkhan Pathan
Awami Vikas Party


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