Older people too deserve some enjoyment which is often denied to them. In cities like Mumbai a senior citizens shouldn’t be made to feel guilty if they express their desire to live their lives on their own terms. Senior citizens are often ignored of their desires to once in a while travel opportunity away from the city. Although Shiv Sena leader Jitendra Janawale from Santacruz is wellknown in the western suburbs for his untiring social activities for the people be it in the field of healthcare, education or solving civic problems of the residents. Many of you had heard about various NGOs planning un-interesting activities when it comes to entertaining the senior citizens.

    Most of these activities are either a laughter session in a park or distribution of useful things to them. But here is a Noble and interesting initiative done by Shiv Sena leader Jitendra Janawale a ‘Senior Citzen Picnic’. Jitendra Janawale had indeed done the unthinkable, he organized a Travel Tour of 110 Senior Citizens to visit Shirdi Sai Baba. Much to the excitement of the older people who are mostly religious minded enjoyed the trip to their favorite deity. It was a comfortable trip with all their needs taken care of and the older people were full of blessings for the sena leader Jitendra Janawale after their safe return back to Mumbai from Shirdi darshan. caught up with the ever busy leader and social worker Jitendra Janawale to know more about this unique noble deed by him for the senior citizens. Speaking with us he told “these days everyone is busy with their life nobody care to think about senior citizens, so this idea came to my mind why not start picnic tours for them and bring happiness in their monotonous lifestyle”. Further he said that “ I will organize the senior citizen picnic every 3 to 6 months”, it is noteworthy that the entire expenses were beared by Jitendra Janawale himself from his personel savings. The blessings showered by the senior citizens on him he feels had repaid his efforts and feels obliged.

    Jitendra Janawale a staunch follower of late Shivsena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray and lives by his words “believe in social work for others it will give you ultimate satisfaction”After organizing the successful first trip to Shirdi for  senior citizens, Jitendra Janawale now plans to take them to new and interesting places like Mahabaleshwar or Satara. During the entire trip the senior citizens needs are taken care of be it their comfort or meals. In turn the blessings he gets is priceless. Since their own sons and daughter were unable to arrange this for their parents due to their own time constraints hence he began doing it without any intention or for publicity. It’s purely done from the heart.We salute Jitendra Janawale for this noble initiative and wish him for the future endeavours for senior citizens.



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