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    Shapoorji pallonji takes over control of Behrampada SRA scheme from Abu Solanki

    By Aleem Shaikh (Bandar East)

    The oldest and most controversial project of the SRA scheme the Behrampada project is ready to take off. All credit goes to  Mr.Rana singh and the people of Behrampada for their vision and efforts.Mr. Rana Singh who is in charge of this project which is developed by Shapoorji pollonji group have lost faith in his partner Abu Solanki.

    The meeting was held between the tenants and top officials of Shapoorji Pallonji group. In the meeting Mr.Rana Singh, Krupa and others were present. Surprisingly Solanki Associates who has been partner of SP group in this project for the last 15 years since the scheme began was not invited there.

    It indicates that SP group is serious and wants to develop this scheme with their own efforts. More than 1500 tenants of Behrampada attended the Friday meeting.The local residents raised the issue, that their names should be included in annexure 2 list and the 1st floor should be eligible particularly those who has been residing on 1st floor for the last many years and had all documentary proof  their name must be in annexture 2 list.They also demanded SP officers to take interest in the scheme and help them to  solve their problems.

    Shapoorji Pallonji higher officials who were present in the meeting assured them that their issue’s will be solved.

    They assured them that they will put up their issues to higher authority in SRA for quick action.
    Speaking with Hello Mumbai, Mr. Amir Shaikh, who is a very active member in this scheme from many years.”The people of Behrampada want development.They have dreams for their own new flats.We all tenants of Behrampada appreciate the efforts of SP group that they took initiative and relaunched our scheme.The people of Behrampada will support them, said Amir shaikh.
    The meeting had an overwhelming response.The key players of the meeting which was attended by Shapoorji Palanji & Shaikh Jilani Group.

    1-Shaikh Jilani Yasin.
    2- Wakil Ahmed Qureshi.
    3-Mohd Sabir Shaikh.
    4-Shanawaz Khwaja Qureshi.
    5-Sayyed Zorawar Saad Usmani.
    6-Shaikh Idris Shaikh Shafi.
    7-Mosik Qazi.
    8-Abdul Amir Abdul Wahid.
    9- Shaikh Mehmood Shaikh Shakoor.
    10-Shaikh Irshad Ali.
    11- Shaikh Sameer.
    12-Sayyed Ayaz Sayyed Jalil.
    13-Ahmed Chaughle.
    14-Ishaque Mansoori.
    15-Munnu and Others.

    Interestingly this is the first interaction between Shapoorji pallonji officials with Behrampada tenants in the last 15 years.This meeting is considered to be a new beginning .People have great faith in SP group because of its direct involvement with tenants.Now the tenants  can say that Behrampada ke ache Din aanewale hai.



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