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Shiv Sena Board Attacked by Goons, At Bheram Pada, Police begins Inquiry


Haji Halim Municipal Councillor of Bheram pada ward No 96, from Shiv Sena party, now on the target of the Congress party, the dynamic and agressive leader of the party ,active in his work, last Night some anti social elements of the local area Vandalised and smashed the board of the shiv sena poster in which the pictures of all party leaders including Uddhav Thackeray and Haji Halim was there
” I am elected candidate of this area to work for the people is my duty for the last 6 month people of Bheram were facing some problems duo to Nallah so I built up a gate so that people should get relief from this problem, I built this gate from my funds so I made a board what is wrong ? Questioned Haji Halim ,Congress objected my board for the last 3 days the dispute was going on , last night they smashed and Vandalised the board and poster also. Haji Halim, explained the whole story to ‘HELLO MUMBAI ‘ on Telephone conversation.
Haji Halim lashes out at congress party ,they are playing vote bank politics they don’t want shiv sena should do the good work in muslim area, they are insecure because of my development work , I and my party shiv sena is very much sincere about the issues of Minority and local civic problem of the Bheram , from the beginning  the congress party opposing the Gate,   congress party and it’s leaders were frustrated and doing such type of Goondagardi My demand legal action against the culprit who has done this
Haji Halim also blamed to Nirmal Nagar police station for delaying to register the Fir and failed to handle the matter.
Now Nirmal Nagar police Inspected the site and investing the case .According to the police sources, very soon FIR will be lodged and action will be against the culprit.

Report By Ashraf Khan .


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