Shiv Sena leader Sajid K Supariwala appeals to Mumbaikers, Don’t waste Iftaar Food


    Appeal Appeal Appeal by Shiv Sena leader Maharashtra Shiv Vahtuk Sena Vice President.
    Mr.Sajid K.Supariwala.
    Has appealed to all muslims not to waste food of iftaar & only arrange as much as is needed. APPEAL to not throw any food leftover after iftaar & to please pack the leftover if any & handover those to our Volunteers who will reach it to the poor & needy in your area
    You may contact our Shiv vahtuk sena vibhag Sanghatak & post holders in your respective areas as under :-

    1.Rashid Khan (Agripada, Mumbai Central): +919967400850

    2.Owais Rindani
    (JJ, Byculla,Bhendi bazar, Null bazar, Nagpada, Madanpura)

    3.Anwar Shaikh
    (HajiAli, Worli, Tardeo)

    4.Rehan Ansari
    (Byculla, madanpura)

    5.Afzal Khan

    Shortly we will give contact nos.of our all post holders in charge of all over Mumbai soon. This is a very practical solution to the situation where so many poor people are unable to have proper iftaar, so this step will help in observing the rozas in ramadan with proper food & solve the problems & it will be an opportunity to do such good deeds during the holy month of Ramadan…wish u all a happy Ramadan kareem 2018.



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