Shiv Sena Leader Sajid Supariwala demands fast Inquiry into Bheram pada board attack


This is a very unfortunate incident of cheap politics of the banners or boards being attacked are to be strongly condemned. It is very true that Congress does not like the efforts & good work that Shiv Sena does in Muslim Areas & also work done by muslim Shiv Sainiks, Me and our party Shiv Sena stand by Haji Haleem Bhai our Shiv Sena Corporator of Behrampada & condemn this incident. I demand an inquiry into this unfortunate incident & punishment for the culprit.
Also my banners whenever put up in our muslim Areas south mumbai in JJ , bhendi bazar & Mohd.Ali Road, are targetted by other political Parties as they are insecure of a muslim Shiv Sainik becoming popular & becoming favourite amongst the masses. Lots of our post holders banners also being targetted in such areas & case being filed for the same whereas the banners or posters very next to them Are going unnoticed..shame.
But we are not going to be discouraged by this behaviour infact our Shiv Sena Deputy Leader my mentor Haji Arafat Shaikh has encouraged & inspired us to more & more work for our community & the society without any fear as we are doing it for our Muslim Brothers & sisters.
– Sajid Supariwala
(Upadhyaksh- Vice President)
Shiv Sena Pranit
Maharashtra Shiv Vahtuk Sena


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