Shiv Sena shows that working for people’s welfare is more important irrespective of their religion,caste and creed.


    6By Hello Mumbai Team(Aleem Shaikh)

    Dawat-E-Islami Hind has organised a congregation in Hyderabad from 10th to 12th March , where representatives from all over the country will be present for the program as we have very few train services ,the delegate had a meeting with Arvind Sawant (Member Of Parliament, South Mumbai), who gave his valuable time for meeting the delegation of Dawat -E- Islami Maulanas Representatives who want 9 trains, 3 each from Mumbai, Bhusawal and Nagpur upto Hyderabad for people traveling to attend Ijtema (Congregration).

    Sawant immediately made a recommendation letter addressed to the concerned officer of Indian Railways so as to get the trains allotted for this religious cause.

    He also cleared misconceptions that Shiv Sena as a party is against the Minority community and very articulately convinced the delegation about the principles of Shiv Sena and he assured the Muslim community through the delegates that He and Shiv Sena party are dedicated to do work for the overall development of the people who are true patriot, irrespective of religion and caste.

    This delegation was taken by Firoz Usman social worker who recently joined Shiv Sena and is endeavouring to bridge the gap between Muslims and Shiv Sena



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