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Silent protest March by AAP and Activist Aftab Siddiqui in support of Bandra linking Road Traders


By Aleem Shaikh (Bandra West) 

The protest was attended by AAP Activist and Senior Leader Preeti Sharma Menon along with Activist Aftab Siddiqui and family members of the traders. It was started from santacuruz juhu garden and ended at Dcp office Hill Road.

Mrs Preeti Menon, Mr Faisal Querishi, Mr Amin Surya and Mr Niaz Siddique marched along with a REPRESENTATION of 500 people alongwith their signatures and update of facts.

The ACP of Bandra assured a detailed inquiry in to the matter and will take important points into consideration provided by the representation
& filing of FIR would be decided by Friday

DCP also directed the ACP to give an assurance to the affected people that action will be taken informed Ms. Aftab siddique.

Brief facts of the case :

AAP Mumbai condemns illegal demolitions by BMC

The Supreme Court and the Bombay High Court have protected the rights of street vendors and directed the Government of Maharashtra to make a Street Vendor Policy. Till such a policy is made and implemented no authority has the right to demolish licensed stalls, yet BMC, as well as other state authorities continue to demolish licensed stalls and street hawkers in violation of the Honourable Courts’ orders.

Ward Officer Sharad Ughale breaks the law, causes death

On 25th January, BMC Officer Sharad Ughade conducted an illegal demolition on Linking Road in which many stalls were demolished, materials and goods confiscated and resulted in the death of Ms Badrunissa and loss of consciousness of Bholanth Mishra and Sayeed, who are both still in critical condition. The Linking Road Street Vendors matter is sub judice and there is stay on demolitions. However, in contravention of the Honourable High Court’s stay on demolition, the Ward Officer along with the police of Zone IX led an assault on street vendors which has resulted in immense loss, including that of the life of a stall owner.

Is Mumbai Police a law enforcer of law breaker

The Mumbai Police has informed Activist Aftab Siddiqui who is leading the protest against BMC high-handedness that there are committed to providing 230 police personnel to the BMC for any demolition. AAP demands to know it the Mumbai Police a law enforcement agency or a law – breaker? When there is a High Court stay on demolition how can Mumbai Police provide the muscle to the whims of any random BMC officer when he decides to break the law??? Is the police meant to protect citizens or it meant to protect the illegal acts of government officers?

The stall owners have been on strike since the demolition and are since sitting outside Khar Police station to file an FIR against the BMC staff who misused their position and broke the law but Joint Commissioner Law and Order is refusing to file the FIR and is protecting officers who broke the law.

MLA Ashish Shelar targeting a section of his constituency

Activist Aftab Siddiqui has also uncovered that in the last 15 months more than 4000 cases have been filed by BMC against H (W) ward! Clearly the BMC seems to be misusing its police protection to threaten and intimidate citizens. It has been alleged that the sitting MLA Ashish Shelar has warned the largely minority population of this Ward that he will teach them a lesson and this harassment by BMC and police is happening under his supervision.

The BMC has a 100 crore beautification plan for Linking Road which has no approvals or sanctions, and it appears that Ward Officer Sharad Ughade and MLA Ashish Shelar are pushing this un-approved plan due to some vested interest, at the cost of citizens’ livelihoods and lives.

AAP condemns this targeting of Street Vendors and the complete unlawful demolition. We will appeal to the Municipal Commissioner and Police Commissioner to stop these illegal activities and punish the guilty officers.


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