Home National Smuggling of Red sanders racket busted by DRI, 4 arrested

Smuggling of Red sanders racket busted by DRI, 4 arrested

Smuggling of Red sanders racket  busted by DRI, 4 arrested

DRI Alerts :-Acting on specific intelligence, officers of DRI MZU intercepted two containers which were attempted to be exported to Dubai Jebel Ali. The declaration on the Shipping Bill was 42 tonnes of Indian Yellow Maize through ICD Januri, Nashik.
Examination of one of the containers resulted in the recovery of 7.1 Metric Tonnes of Grade A Red Sanders valued at Rs 2.85 crores (illicit international market value) concealed behind bags of maize and cuddapah stone slabs. The other container was found to contain maize as declared.
The mastermind of this syndicate is Mr Sujit Bapu Satam, brother of notorious Red Sanders Smuggler Ajit Bapu Satam. (It is to note that Sujit had been arrested by DRI in 2001 for smuggling cigarettes and in 2006 for attempted export of Red Sanders).
Along with him, three associates of him who were involved in the procurement, transportation, and concealment of Red Sanders were also identified.

The modus was that export containers carrying Foodgrains would be taken to a isolated factory outside Mumbai where the foodgrains would be partially destuffed and the Red Sanders concealed. For this, they had engaged an expert who would remove the rivets/clamps of the door handles of the containers without disturbing the Customs seal.

All four accused have been arrested and produced before the Judicial Magistrate for custody
Red Sanders, pterocarpus santalinus is an endangered species found only in the Seshachalam forests of Andhra Pradesh. It is a protected flora covered under the CITES Convention and prohibited for export.


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