Spiritual Guru Subarata Banerjee visits Bangladesh, Gets Overwhelming response


    Social activist , politically well known in India renowned spiritual guruji sri subrata banerjee is in Bangladesh on a special invitation. In Bangladesh the journey of guruji has started with a few holy places like sugandha and  josoreswari … Later on with the request of his widely spread SIRSHAYAS in Bangladesh he prolonged his journey for the spiritual upliftment and betterment of his a few chosen remarkably successful industrialist , politicians . nationally acclaimed personalities. In one informal gathering national singer alom ara minu taking blessing of guruji like d way in india living legend the great ashaji do come to him for the spiritual upliftment… Sources said a few medically affected individuals will also get the golden touch of guruji to heal up …
    More over he was invited by renowned writer & columnist Peer Habibur Raheman at the closing ceremony of Bangladesh Book Fair as per guruji social reformation can not be happened without education.This visit of guru ji got overwhelming response in Bangladesh. 



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