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Street Prostitution on rise in Mumbai after lockdown

Street Prostitution on rise in Mumbai after lockdown

Hello Mumbai SIT Team :

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When lockdown was imposed in March last to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, thousands of sex workers across the country were cut off from their customers and were left with no source of income.

left with no option in terms of matter of survival, the Sex workers adapted to new norms. They took to the streets to openly solicit customers.

Their most popular joints to were at Grant Road Bridge, Mumbai Central near City Centre Santacruz  Khar Link Road,   Juhu Tara road Santacruz  , Vile parle near  Mithibhai College, J Goregaon Mlaad link  and Marve Road near Mitchowki, Lokhandwala Circle juhu circle  etc.

Even as help slowly trickled in, it was difficult for many of them to find a way to make ends meet.

Moreover, amid the pandemic lockdown, the police vigilance was so strong that the sex workers found it extremely difficult to carry on in their trade.

Even as there was relief in the form of food grains and utilities, this did not help the sex workers with their rent and debt payments.

we are unable to pay room rent and pimp commission because customer demand very less thats why we chose this way its safe and better ” said one of sex worker .

“After this pandemic we are still facing financial crisis we have no option this streets and roads are safe for us only police petroling is big issue but we handle it .”  Said street worker from Mumbai central.

News Edit: K.V.Raman


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