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    Sufi Islamic Board seeks legal proceedings against Jammu Kashmir Wakf Board on Nazr O Niyaz Collection in J&K Astanas


    Sufi Islamic Board calls for legal proceedings against Jammu Kashmir Wakf Board towards Nazr O Niyaz Collection in Aastanas of Jammu and Kashmir.

    The Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board had imposed a blanket ban on the Trustees of Waqf Board for collecting donation at shrines and mosques run by the Board where forefathers of the existing Khadims are voluntarily running these shrines, as Imams, trustees and caretakers.

    An order in this connection was issued vide order No. JKWB/Adm/ CE/ 1723-25 dated 16th August, 2022.

    Notably, Jammu and Kashmir
    Waqf Board takes care of looks nearly 32,000 properties that includes shrines, mosques and educational institutions, across the UT.
    The semi-government organisation, is led by its chairperson, who is a government appointee, whereas the existing chairperson is Darakshan Andrabi, a BJP leader.

    Dargahs, Khadims Zaireens across the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir have written Letters to Sufi Islamic Board unit of J & K UT to approach the State or the Central Government Authorities or the Courts to get the aforementioned order quashed.

    Some known and respectful Dargahs whose Sajjadanashins alongside their Khadims, have submitted representation with their seal and signatures to S.I.B. which are as follows:
    1. Astan Alia Peer Dastgeer Gous ul Azam Khanyar
    2. Astan Alia Hazrat Sultan ul Arifeen Mukhdoom Sahb
    3. Astan Alia Chrari shareef
    4. Hamdania Ziyarat khankahi Moula Srinagar
    5. Ziyarat Shareef Hazrat Sakshi zaindeen wali Aishmuqam
    6. Astan Alia Hazrat Syed Ali Aali Pakhar pora
    7. Astan Alia Reshi Sahb Islamabad Anantnag Kashmir.

    The Central Executive Committe,Sufi Islamic Board had inducted a three member Committe specialists in Wakf Issues to study the Order and prepare a roadmap to defend the Sajjadanashins and Khadims whose rights have been infringed by the Wakf Board.

    The three members appointed by the Central Executive Committe are Advocate Shaukat Ali Mohammed, Advocate High Madras High Court, Advocate Anwar Shaikh of Gujrat High Court and Advocate Ahtesham Siddiqui of Madhya Pradesh High Court.

    Upon receiving a detailed opinion from the Advocates, Sufi Islamic Board has sent a representation to

    Her Excellency, The President of India, His Excellency
    The Lt. Governor of J&K UT,
    The Hon’able Prime Minister of India,
    The Hon’able Home Minister of India,
    The Hon’able Minority Affairs of India and The Secretary, Central Wakf Counsil.
    In the representation Sufi Islamic Board on behalf of the Sajjadanashins, the Khadims and the followers of Sufi Parampara have made an appeal to the authorities to cancel the order issued by Jammu & Kashmir Wakf Board in the larger interest of the Sufi following fraternity.

    Sufi Islamic Board President Jammu & Kashmir UT Musharraf Andrabi has affirmed that the the J&K Wakf Board is going against the Basic pillar Of Sufi Parampara by abolishing the Nazr O Niyaz Collection in Aastanas of J&K and such activity seems to be influenced by Wahabi or the Sallafi Ideology.

    Spokesperson Faisal Banaraswala of Sufi Islamic Board

    Spokesperson Faisal Banaraswala of Sufi Islamic Board.

    states that if no action is initiated against the Order of the Jammu and Kashmir Wakf Board, they’ll excercise Legal remedies to get the order quashed.

    News Edit: K.V.Raman



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