Supercharged India – The Anatomy of Real-Time Data

Supercharged India – The Anatomy of Real-Time Data


Photo credit: Marc-Oliver Jodoin
Photo credit: Marc-Oliver Jodoin      Only a few years ago, real-time data was non-existent in India. Today’s generation is accustomed to instantly getting our news, information, electronic communications, and education. This is true in India and most parts of the world.

As early as 1986, the internet was limited in India. Yet, today it has excelled to a leading position in the world regarding real-time data platforms. This is in part because it has a robust IT infrastructure.

Global news in real-time
In this age of instantaneous information, the speed with which stories are communicated has accelerated. Technological and social changes have led to new media and communication networks.
The people of India need to have access to the latest global news. This is the only way they can stay informed, make sound decisions, and compete worldwide.
This concept drives the success of Hello Mumbai News and other electronic reporting establishments. Major news platforms in India include:
● BBC World News
○ BBC World News is a leading English news television station in India. It broadcasts on radio, television, and online, delivering news and information in various languages and world-service English.
○ NDTV is another popular news channel in India. It is a 24-hour Hindi-language TV news program, the nation’s earliest 24×7 news channel. It was first aired on the Doordarshan DD Metro news channel in 1995.
● CNN-News 18
○ CNN-News 18 is a contemporary Indian news television station headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, owned by Network 18. It provides coverage of international and local news.

Supercharged India - The Anatomy of Real-Time Data

Photo credit: Ayaneshu Bhardwaj

Real-Time Financial Investments
Real-time financial information is when information is relayed to a user at the time it happens or with only a short delay. This helps brokers and traders make well-informed decisions. India remai one of the hottest investment markets in the world in 2023.
Real-time market data has a significant impact on the efficiency of finance. It can reduce risks, improve accuracy, and increase productivity. It also increases user convenience minimizing delays in the decision-making process.
Providing accurate real-time quotes requires technology and effort that is only sometimes readily available or affordable for many firms. However, it can be a critical competitive differentiator for some firms.
A country’s standardization and breadth of data sharing determine the value of the benefits of open financial data.
Countries vary in how they share and use their data. For example, in Europe and the United Kingdom, a highly standardized subset of the entire ecosystem is shared with APIs accessible by third-party service providers.
In India, however, a wide range of data is shared, with some degree of data standardization. Consumers in India can share their personal and nonfinancial data with digital nonbank lenders through a private API built on the publicly-built technology ecosystem known as IndiaStack.
Real-time data is critical for business success. It allows businesses to stay ahead of market fluctuations and adapt to customer trends, often triggered by rapid environmental changes. Real-time data analytics can help hospitals identify patients at risk of heart attack and ensure they receive the highest quality of care. Commodity traders react quickly to changes in prices and availability, improving their operations and increasing profits.

Photo credit: Kamil Feczko

Internet for entertainment, live streaming, and learning
With the growth of high-speed internet comes live streaming. This technology has opened the doors of opportunity to companies that provide entertainment in many industries. Movie platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, and Zoro are examples of instant access to series and movies on demand in India.

Playing the lottery online is another form of entertainment that has expanded for the Indian people. Lottery tickets are now available in India from your computer or smart device.

The same technology used for these entertainment sectors allows people to enjoy musical events, travel experiences, learning, and experiencing the arts in various forms.
Ease of access
The primary reason for the popularity of real-time access in India is the availability of smartphones, androids, and 5G speed internet access via computers, laptops, and tablets. Most businesses in these sectors have access to their programs through apps. This allows anyone to visit their favorite entertainment, banking, and live stream platform from anywhere there is internet access.
Apps have changed the way people live. Whether you want to bet on an international lottery, check the winning numbers, access your banking accounts and savings, take a virtual tour, or attend classes, there is an app that will allow instant access.
India has become a technological leader globally. The power of India’s IT infrastructure has paved the way for industry, education, and investment opportunities. Supercharged India has grabbed the focus of world leaders. It will be exciting to see where India will evolve from here. At the pace India is growing, it could become the global leader in the near future.


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