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Tea Scam In Maharashtra, Sanjay Nirupam Alleged CM Devendar Fadnvis


After rat scam, now a tea scam has hit the Maharashtra Govt. Furnishing RTI Documents, MRCC President Sanjay Nirupam today charged the Devendra Fadnavis Govt with what he called a Tea Scam. The RTI document shows a steady increase in the amount of money being spent on tea consumption in the Chief Minister’s office, Sanjay Nirupam said that the amount spent on tea has risen from Rs.57,99,150 (nearly Rs 58 lakhs) in 2015-16 to Rs. 3,34,64.904 (nearly Rs 3.4 crores) in 2017-18 – a dramatic increase of 577%. Which denotes that on an average 18,591 cups of tea is shockingly served in CM’s office in a day.

Sanjay Nirupam says, “What kind of tea is Devendra Fadnavis drinking? These years we have heard of green tea, yellow tea and so on. But the CM seems to be drinking some kind of expensive golden tea. I can’t imagine that when farmers are dying in Maharashtra on a daily basis, there seems to be an unprecedented expense on teas of 577%.”


Pointing at the existing corruption in the BJP Govt, an agitated Sanjay Nirupam said, “On one hand, the Prime Minister takes great pride in saying that he was a ‘Chaiwala’, clearly, Devendra Fadnavis has taken this a bit too far since the ‘chai’ he is drinking cannot be sold at a regular tea stall. Both the PM and the Maharashtra CM are taking the country for a ride in the name of chai.”


Last week the Fadnavis Govt had been deeply embarrassed by a rat scam when the opposition charged the Govt for inflating figures of rat killings. This week it is a team scam. All these expenses are being incurred or inflated at the cost of honest tax payers’ money.



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