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Thali Peet” Morcha by Mumbai Mahila Congress against BJP


5000 Women led by Mumbai Mahila Congress President Sheetal Mhatre of the Mumbai North West District Mahila Congress held a massive “Thali Peet” Morcha at the residence of BJP Minister Vidya Thakur in Malad West to protest against Unjust Policy of Demonetization by the Modi Government which has wreaked havoc on the Nations Economy and has caused troubles for everyone in the Country.

The Morcha was coordinated by Mahila Congress Vice President Bhavna Jain and supported by North West District Mahila Congress President Jyotsna Dighe, local Corporators Sneha Zagade, Kiran Patel and other office bearers of Mahila Congress.

Modi Govt’s unjust And unfair Demonetisation Policy was launched with objectives of recovering black money and reducing corruption, none of which have been met. In fact it has resulted in slowdown of growth rate which caused trouble to farmers and daily wage laborers and made the entire nation stand in ques in front of Banks and ATMs. The lack of foresight and ill planning of the Modi Govt is clearly visible with continuously changing decisions over the last 50 days.
Corruption continues unabated and has been revealed that PM himself took money from Corporates during his tenure as Gujarat CM. Black Monies have all been converted to white through back door dealings of banks. The main issue which is still unanswered is what was the TRUE Motive of Demonetisation???


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