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The cosmic dancing on 2017 bring your good luck.


By Hello Mumbai Team

The SATURN will enter into Sagittarius, in 25th January and stay up to 24 Jan 2020. The dragon head and dragon tail will enter in to the Cancer and Capricorn respectively in 6thJuly and stay up to 12th March 2019. The Jupiter Stay in Virgo up to 12th Sep 2017 and will retrograde 7th February to 9th June 2017. All this major planets transition denotes your fortune. You are a hero or may be zero by god’ s grace . Let’s see what is waiting for you in 2017.


Your 10th status 11th fulfillment lord will enter into 25thJan in sagiteroius in your 9thfate house . Jupiter is in your 6thwinHouse .You will have success in your profession and rahu is in your 5th house u to 6thJuly, and later on will enter in your 4rth house. Your fortune will bring your own house and property after 6thJuly, as well as you have an opportunity of long tour and travels till 13th Feb. to 14th march. You will have successful foreign assignment, Good time for classical artists, share market dealers, Property brokers. But be careful after 27th January, you may face litigation and your father’s health related problem, may delayed in promotion. Also be carefully till 6thJuly you may suffer Child’s health related problem. Peaceful atmosphere at home is expected .Overall a prosperous year awaits for you ahead .
Your 9th fortune and 10th namehouse lord is in 7th opponent house, be careful you may suffer extra marital affair related problem, court case and false allegation also seen till 25th January and onward. After that Saturn will enter into 8th unexpected gain house, unexpected gain and Short and long tour is expected. This year you face thought and shoulder related problem. But you will have success in your profession and business. You will gain through property within 16thApril to 31 may, very good time for gold & share dealer and financers in entertainment and good time for PHD. . After 6thJuly to 31 Dec you will get success in negotiation with neighbour and enemy. But be careful your close one may suffer serious health problem. Overall a good year awaits for you .
You are so lucky your 7thbusiness& 8thhurdels lord Saturn will enter at 7th marriagehouse, good business and marriage will be great. After July 6 rahu will enter into2ndfinance house and aspect to 8thunexpectedgain, you will have unexpected gain. But be careful and be quite and control yourself otherwise you may suffer communication related problem. Good time for divorcee people for 2nd marriage, bank employee. Traders, Agent, and property dealers and political person. Tour and travels also expected. But after 16thJan be careful otherwise accident and litigation may occur. The year is good for networking globally. New contact will be signed. You may suffer nerve related and E.N.T related diseases.
Till 25thJanuary very negative time for you be careful, After that Saturn will enter your 6thwinhouse , and Jupiter is now in your 3rdcommunication house aspect to 9thfortune house, after 6thJuly, rahu will enter into Cancer which may occur some cold and cough, lung, relater disease. This year will bring good fortune in your government related assignment. May 17th to June 16th July ,You will have a professional success, gain, and promotion, transfer .Very good time for singer and artist, milkman, liquid dealer. Jewelry dealers. Good year for banking sector. Musicians will have good time and received awards; friends will not be faithful to you. Long awaited communication will be expected. Overseas orders will gradually increase.
The Saturn in your 6thwin and 7thmarriage house lord is in 5thentertainment, love lord in 5thhouse, which signifies love, marriage and reunion with family but be careful as you may lead into lust and extramarital affairs. You are likely to feel emotionally sensitive. You will may suffer gastric problem. Your career and other personal goals will take up more of your time. You will also look at new job and investment. This is best time to philosophical search. You may also be motivated by your ideas. Mars endows powerful energy and gives you success for good transition in Electronic industry real estate, advertising agency will be profitable after 6thjune .Normal health to be maintained . Litigation will not be favorable. Good for banking sector.
Your 5thplesure and 6thenemy house lord is in 4rth house, be careful about your relation, you may have to face some compromises to maintain harmony in your love life. From April 17 to 5thJune will be a great time to set optimistic new goal for the year ahead, also an excellent time for all financial matters. There is also a lot of mental activity to be done and don’t get too emotional or sensitive. Some tensions will occur through your subordinates will continue and some stress for loans, fund, lease related matter. Some travel, collaboration, and settlements is expected. Financial stability will be witnessed. New product can be introduced in business. Auspicious function will be held within Feb to June. Bad time for politician till 27 Feb.(planed)
Ohh my god, your 4thmother and 5th peace lord Saturn will enter into your 3rd”communication” house and 6thhouse lord Jupiter is in lagna expected to 7th”wife house , this mean you can follow a more spiritual and caring path while still growing you wealth and doing the best for yourself and family. Greater recognition or promotion is possible in the year. Mother’s health related problem may occur. You will be interacting with some people from all corners of globe, who will share some good ideas and communications. There is some urgent need for moderation.Short pleasure travels with family give you happiness within feb to June. 16th April to 31t May a very good time for law professional. Bad time for litigation. (work hard)

Wah, your 3rdbrother and 4th home lord is in 2ndhouse. You should float along with few cares in the world. Little new major influence in the year ahead. Good time for your skills to be shown. Problem comes from close ones. Health problem mainly knee related problem may occur. After 28th august very good time for Writers, singers, and filmmakers to make it to the top of the charts. Those in the media can do exceptionally well. There is a lot of planning and meticulous work ahead. Harmony in relationships will benefit in all area of life. Greater recognition or promotion is possible in the month ahead of June. Your charisma will be more alluring and good social skill will make you more popular and magnetic. Politician will have some tensions till 17thmarch.(be positive).
Your lagna lord Jupiter transit is in your 10th house till 13sep, after that it will enter into 11th house. Which will lead you to coasting along so far this year.you may be called on for leadership role. You may have experienced some good fortune in the month February to May. All planetary transition will bring many opportunities to increase you wealth and happiness through travel, study and new relationship. Good time for journey and in self realization. Very good time for financial success. July and august especially good for your Creativity and contacts. Promotion is expected. Good time for investments .During March and April taking chance in love, partnership,( purely physical to platonic). Litigation will be favorable. Health will be normal. (be realistic)
Your lagna and 2ndfinanace house lord Saturn is in 9thfortune house, be ready for your long awaited travel, very good year for foreign assignment. This is mixed time for your, this year you may face some losses. Don’t wish harm for others. You may suffer mainly in lung and leg related diseases. This year is good to make wise and strategic investment. There may be changes in your service or job and residence. After 6thJune, your wishes are realized, wish fulfillment is possible. But you may suffer problem from your partner. Partnership business not good for this year.Coal, soil, oil, seed related and film production will bring luck. Share market will be dull until June. (Hard work).
Your 1st and 12thforeign house lard Saturn is in 11th,fulfillment House which will bring harmony in your relationship and will be benefited in all areas of life , will be good for your career, greater recognition or promotion are possible, very auspicious time for setting a new goal. Jupiter is in 8th house and aspect to 2nd house and 11 th house, promised fulfillment of desire. But this is bad time for lovers and platonic love, you may suffered by sexual harassment so be careful. Someone from spiritual world can guide you strongly. Pilgrimage tour is expected as you enjoy the bounty of Jupiter. Very good time for FMCG market and investment in share and bond. May this year open your luck widely? Litigation will be favorable. (Be positive). Good time to purchase new vehicle.

Your Ascendant lord Jupiter is in 7th house and aspect to Saturn. Good year for spiritualism and occultism. 7thfeb to 9thJune is the time to express your spiritual power as well as being able to pick up accurate psychic powers. This retrograde period will increase your levels of stress and confusion; arguments are more likely so take place so be careful before talking. This year is promising for your marriage and peace in family life. Good time for basically who work in finance they get huge success. There will be more promising options to increase your wealth. You can expect long tour and travels. Good year for students. Social status will be well maintained. After 6thJune good time for politicians. (be thoughtful).

BY SUBRATA BANERJEE ( Divine master). +91 9830854012 astrologersubrata@gmail.com


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