Mass Marriage ceremony organise by Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamat on 24 December at BKC.


    By Aleem Shaikh

    Mass Marriage ceremony concept in India is becoming popular day by day. The reason is very simple to cut cost of Marriage and to help the poor and needy people ,Now a days social organisation is organising Mass Marriage in every Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad .
    Mumbai Base Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi Jamatkhana is going to organise a Mass Marriage ceremony on 24 th December at BKC
    According to Mehboob Ishaq Bhai Unagar (Treasurer) Of the Jamaat says ,”This year we have received 23 couple registrations and we are happy that our Jamat took more interest , gifts items like Fridge have added in our gift list which we give to bride, our purpose is very clear to help poor and needy people from our Jamat. we organise the fund within the Jamat for all expenses of the Mass Marriage “.
    Another leader of the Jamat Abdul Razzak suleman Agwaan General Secretary said ,” in our Jamat 4000 people have been registered as a Member every year we select the bride and groom from our Jamat , during registration we follow all rules and regulations of our country as well as our Islamic rules then only finalise them, during process we give equal treatment to the bride and groom , this mass Marriage ceremony help to cut the cost and give opportunity to help our poor people of the community”
    Mohammad Hussain Musa Chavan one of the trustee of the Jamat says in this Mass Marriage ceremony people are taking part from Gujarat, Saurashtra, Rajkot, Porbundar, Bhavnagar, Amreli, Junagad, and Surat. Haroon Hamir bhai mehtar one of the trustee of the Jamat appealed to all to take part in this Mass Marriage ceremony and give blessings to the bride and groom, we have invited all from different communities.
    Hello Mumbai news also salute this initiative taken by Saurtiya Muslim Ghanchi jamat.



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