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TMC in 35k crore Scam in Goa Ties up with Goa’s old NGO Goa Foundation

TMC in 35k crore Scam in Goa Ties up with Goa’s old  NGO Goa Foundation

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The political atmosphere is heating up in Goa, the tourism state that is preparing for the New Year celebrations. These days the political agenda is being set, in such a situation the newly arrived political party Trinamool Congress has given a new dawn of Goa and a new slogan of 35 thousand crores. BJP is confused on this issue and is not giving any answer to it.
This is the first time in Goa that apart from the four old parties, the fifth and sixth parties have also become anti. BJP in Goa so far. Congress.NCP and Shiv Sena were the only big parties in the election fray but this time Aam Aadmi Party and Trinamool Congress have also entered the fray. Trinamool Congress is spending the most and everything is happening at the behest of strategist Prashant Kishor. If you get down from Goa airport and travel till Panaji, you will see posters of Mamta Banerjee everywhere. Goenchi Navi Sakal. Goa’s new dawn..
TMC has tied up with Goa’s old Christian NGO Goa Foundation and this organization has given a new jumla by wiping old papers and giving the slogan of recovery of 35 thousand crores and depositing three lakh rupees in every Goa’s account. Party leader Derek O’Brien has said that the mining mafia in Goa had done a scam of 35 thousand crores and every Goan will be given Rs 3 lakh after taking it back. All this has been explained to him by Claude Alvaris of Goa Foundation. Those who have been obstructing every development work of Goa.
What is this 35 thousand crore game.
In fact, on the appeal of the Goa Foundation, a report was made by Supreme Court Judge MB Shah, in which it was said that it is estimated that there was a revenue loss of about 35 thousand crores due to wrong mining in Goa.. This report was picked up by the BJP in the 2012 elections. And Manohar Parrikar along with Arun Jaitley did a lot of publicity on this. Later, when Parrikar’s government came, he got stuck. When the Goa government set up an inquiry on this, Parrikar himself had to officially say that this figure is only about three thousand crores. The actual figure turned out to be a revenue loss of less than 300 crores. In the end, that too could not be recovered in five years. That is, black money of 15 lakh crores and it was used like a jumla of 15 lakhs in every account. Now Trinamool Congress has caught it and is continuously making rhetoric but the problem is that even the BJP government itself is not able to deny it. The fear is that what will happen if people again fall in the trap of three lakhs in their account.
Goa’s condition is bad..
In fact, at this time Goa has become a state which has been worst affected by covid. In Goa, tourism was completely closed for two years, then casinos, clubs and hotels open on the shore came to a standstill. On the other hand, due to legal issues, mining has been closed since 2018. is also closed. Due to this the government is not getting any income. Goa currently has a debt of about Rs 23 thousand crore, which has increased by 50 percent in the last three years because there is no income. Due to this, the work of the government is stopping. In Goa, the government needs Rs 112 crore every month, only to pay the salary, it is becoming difficult to collect that too. In such a situation, Goa CM Pramod Sawant is talking about starting mining again, but Trinamool has put them in trouble by tossing a jumla of 35 thousand crores.
In Goa, out of a population of 14 lakh, 3 lakh people are engaged in mining in some way or the other, apparently due to the closure of mining, unemployment has also increased wildly and due to the stagnation of tourism in covid, it has become like a scab in the code. Now again issues and rhetoric are being thrown in the elections, while the common Goans who live very simple, if they do not get caught in the politics of this jumla, then BJP will find it very difficult.
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