Tomato Price Hike burns common man’s pocket as it costs 100/kg in Mumbai


The hike in price of tomatoes (100 kg) in Mumbai has burnt a hole in a common man’s pocket. The hike is not only in Mumbai but in other Metropolitan Cities too.

Besides tomatoes prices for other vegetables, such as capsicum, onions, cabbage Cauliflower, Brinjal and Lady Finger too have been hiked.This is certainly a hit below the belt if a common man. also risen.

As per sources, the prices are expected to be high in both wholesale and retail markets in the coming days due to short supply caused by unseasonal rain and damaged crops.

The moderate to heavy unseasonal rainfalls the tomato
has been damaged leading to a tight supply situation. Tomato crops are generally ready for harvest around two to three months after planting.

As on 25 November, the price of Tomato in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra, the price of tomato has jumped sharply to 100 per kilo.

Meanwhile, other vegetables are being retailed at INR 60-80 per kg due to sudden spurt of prices at the wholesale market.

News Input: K.V.Raman



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