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Top 10 Women IAS and IPS Officers who Inspire across Genders

Top 10 Women IAS and IPS Officers who Inspire across Genders

Top 10 Women IAS and IPS Officers who Inspire across Genders

The contemporary era has witnessed several women worldwide who have come a long way to represent themselves and their competence. The long tradition followed by the glimpses of patriarchy and misogyny is almost coming to an end. All this has become possible due to the women themselves, their ability and capacity to utilize their rights to manifest their strength for the people’s good. In India, we have tons of examples of such limitless women as IAS and IPS officers who have challenged the extreme superiority of the males in society and have been successful in their way.

Recently, a study was conducted during the pandemic that claimed that women are better leaders than men because of their multiple qualities of patience, emotional intelligence, reasonable and responsible attitude, and so on. And what’s best to exhibit leadership qualities other than as IAS or IPS officers. Let us have a look at the top 12 women IAS and IPS officers who have never failed to inspire all of us.

10 IAS and IPS Women Officers who will Inspire All

  1. IAS Officer Durga Shakti Nagpal

Smt. Durga Shakti Nagpal is an IAS officer of the 2010 batch. After her dedicated journey to crack this exam, she was proudly posted as the SDM of Gautam Buddha Nagar in Noida, U. P. in 2013. She had played an essential role in detaining more than ninety illegal miners, after which the National Green Tribunal had issued strict guidelines for unlawful sand mining in India.

Her sincere attitude towards her duty was reflected in her work when she recovered more than Rs 150 crore of royalty in just two weeks. Her raids were always assertive and unavoidable by the land mafias.

She is an inspiration for all of us, and the producer, Sunil Khetrepal, is looking forward to making a biopic on her.

  1. Tina Dabi

The youngest of all, Smt. Tina Dabi, has managed to crack the Indian Administrative Services examination at the age of 22, when almost all of us think and rethink our self–concept and ambitions. Her dedicated studies and preparation resulted in her gaining the first rank in the UPSC CSE examination.

At the age of 26, she was at the helm of the Bhilwara, Rajasthan, and presented a Bhilwara model. The model was praised all over India for tackling the outrageous and deadly Covid-19 through complete lockdown in the district.

  1. IAS Officer Swati Bhadoria

Srimati Swati Bhadoria was an Electronics and Communication Engineer who was later selected as an IAS officer and initially posted as an IAS in the Chhattisgarh cadre. She got posted in Uttarakhand as a District Magistrate of the Chamoli district. After her transfer to Uttarakhand, her excellence and competence was witnessed there too. She had been at the centre of the relief and the rescue operations following the avalanche.

  1. IPS Officer Pritpal Kaur

Pritpal Kaur was a dentist by profession before taking in as an SP of a remote area of Nagaland, Noklak, which shares borders with Myanmar. Her determination from cracking the exam to become one of the best SP of such a primitive district is a source of inspiration for many. She is also known to have converted her conference room into a classroom to prepare another set of civil servants like her.

Officers like her who take on themselves the entire responsibility for the welfare of the citizens are the need of the hour. Along with all her responsive duties, she also manages to perform as a consultant for drug addicts and their families through the formation of an anti-drug squad.

  1. N. Ambika

She brilliantly handled almost every responsibility assigned to her. She is the mother of two daughters at the age of 18 after getting married at 14. None of these social factors could ever stop her from flying, and now she is an IPS officer after cracking the exam in 2008. Her actions and brilliant tasks have made her famous as the lady Singham of Mumbai, as currently she is posted as the DCP of Mumbai.

  1. Harshika Singh

Srimati Harshika Singh became an IAS officer in the year 2012 and, as of now, has served various districts, including MP and Jharkhand. She has brought dramatic positive changes in the child sex ratio, mortality rates, and women’s education; all this happened during her posting in the Tikamgarh district of MP.

  1. Divya Devarajan

Smt. Divya Devarajan is a 2010 batch IAS officer, who has a village on her name as Divyaguda. It is a tribute to the tribal population to her after she gained proficiency in their language and helped in tackling their disputes in 2017 during her posting in Adilabad, Telangana.

Her fierce attitude is reflected in her work towards the tribal population, her interaction and proximity with them were clueless. An officer like her shall help such tribals to overcome their misery and fly with new wings.

  1. Annies Kanmani Joy

Srimati Annies Kanmani Joy is the Deputy Commissioner of Kodagu in Karnataka. She did commendable work when the district did not receive any new Covid–19 cases in June 2020. From being the farmer’s daughter to a professional nurse and then finally taking over as a Deputy Commissioner, she has successfully proved that women are no less than men and could make this entire world proud of themselves.

  1. Swetha Agarwal

Smt. Swetha Agarwal challenged all the social evils and stereotypes that were so near to her as she belonged to an orthodox family which never expected a girl to be born and if born by chance then, unfortunately, not to study. But she broke all the stigma and managed to complete her graduation and post-graduation and become the first one in her family to study. After getting placement in Deloitte, she aspired for the Civil Services exam and cracked it with all her hard work.

  1. Neetu Garg

Neeru Garg is a 2005 batch IPS officer who ran the police operations in the Raini and Tapovan areas following the avalanche in Uttarakhand, recently posted as the DIG at the Garhwal range, a mother of a nine-year-old daughter. She is doing a tremendously outstanding job and is managing a perfect balance between her professional and personal life.

These are not just the powerful women IAS and IPS officers but they are leading personalities and the real queens who are an inspiration to all of us. Motivated enough? Why wait then? Check out the Prepp portal for your IAS and IPS preparation now!


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