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Triple Talaq Bill Contempt Of Court Says AVP Chief Shamsher Khan Pathan


All India Muslim personal Law Board AIMPLB is bunch of fools and jokers. Why? Please read.


1. AIMPLB is not a elected body of Muslim but it’s self appointed people. Except few people, no one is member of board. Hence board got no shariat authority to take decision on behalf of Muslim community.

2. AIMPLB never educated community as far as Islamic teachings is concerned. They never gave directions once to community in writing or by literature as to how to follow Islam and Quran. What to do and what not do. In my life I never saw any literature from AIMPLB, except holding meetings.

3. AIMPLB never educated community regarding Talaq issue. They themselves are not sure to take correct stand on talaq, that is too instant triple Talaq, which is sinful as per hadees and there is no mention of Instant triple Talaq in Quran.

4. AIMPLB, while replying to Supreme court in Instant triple Talaq issue, justified instant triple Talaq in their 65 page affidavit. The draft of affidavit was shameful and contrary to Quran teaching.

5. AIMPLB took little U turn on their stand when people like us started criticising their UnQuranic stand and said that they told people for Social boycott for those who are giving instant triple Talaq. When they justified instant triple Talaq valid and correct than why changed their stand?


6. AIMPLB took another U turn by saying SC that they had sent directions to all Qazi to tell newly wedded couple to desist from giving instant triple Talaq.

7.AIMPLB, when was correct in their stand in justifying instant triple Talaq, than why they took 2 U turn? Their U turn showed that they were weak in defending instant triple Talaq.

8. AIMPLB justified SC order and said that they welcome banning of instant triple Talaq. Why they justified it, when it was contrary to their stand?

9. AIMPLB was requested by me and other scholars of community to accept complete ban on Instant triple Talaq as it is sinful and contrary to the directions given in Quran as 22 Muslim countries banned it.

10. AIMPLB was requested to approach SC with clean hand and to accept verdict of court with the request not to make law on Instant triple Talaq, as this government may come with heavy hand on community in disguise.

11. AIMPLB board ‘s Adv Muchhala was contacted me by on request of some board members to request him to convince the board to approach SC to accept court verdict and to stop legislation on it. Adv Muchhala told me with arrogance that there is no directions from SC to make law and told me that I am not aware of court verdict and to interfere (I got audio recording with me). Such was the class of advocate appointed by board.

12. AIMPLB never approached government to call them for making law on Instant triple Talaq. They were silent for 5 months and were waiting for hammer from Government in form of stringent legislation.

13. AIMPLB is now shouting when draft bill on Instant triple Talaq is drafted and is being tabled in Parliament. Now they wrote letter to PM to consult them for making law.

14. AIMPLB waiter for 5 months to write letter to PM. Why they didn’t do it in last 5 months.

15. AIMPLB is now talking of stopping instant triple Talaq practice as per the statement of Sajjad Nomani.

16. AIMPLB ,why talking of stopping instant triple Talaq practice now? If they would have admitted this before SC and if would have given directions to the community to stop sinful act of instant triple Talaq, we wouldn’t have faced Stringent law from government.

That why I am calling executive committee members of AIMPLB as #Fools and #Jokers.
One major mistake is being done by government in making the law. Supreme court banned instant triple Talaq as it is UnQuranic and directed government to make legislation to ban instant triple Talaq. But draft bill is silent on this aspect. Government bill never said that instant triple Talaq will ne invalid and same can’t be treated as divorce. Indirectly legislation is accepting instant triple Talaq and thereafter 3 years punishment will be given. It means Government is doing contempt of court by accepting instant triple Talaq. On this V.V.V.V. Important point, AIMPLB is totally silent. The government legislation is contrary to the SC directions. AIMPLB must bring this vital fact before government in writing and may approach SC now to stop legislation. But this is board of Fools and jokers and their advocate are of same category.

Intellectual people of community must brought this facts to the notice of board and their useless advocates. Otherwise we will face stringent law in future and these fools and jokers will misguide our community to come on street to fight with government.


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